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  • Trampas para engañar - (2018)



Members featured in the album

  • Trampas para engañar - (2018)


CARLOS A. GARÓFALO - Bass, guitars, leader vocal, sitar and percussion

JORGE MINISSALE - Guitars, percussion and vocals

MARCO TULIO PUSINERI - Drums, percussion and vocals

JUAN “Pollo” RAFFO - Keyboards, percussion and vocals




Progressive Rock group originated in 1976 in the western zone of the Buenos Aires City. His initial training was: Juan "Pollo" Raffo (keyboards) Jorge Minissale (guitars) Marco Pusineri (drums) and Eduardo Rovediello (bass). In the first year, Claudia Puyó (vocals) passed through her ranks and in 1977, Carlos Garófalo entered as singer. The following year she also took charge of the bass after the departure of Rovediello. Thus, the Garófalo-Minissale-Pusineri-Raffo quartet was formed, which was the group's most stable and successful group.

They performed numerous concerts in Buenos Aires theaters, opened the concert "5 Horas de Rock" of the year 1976 at the Luna Park stadium and also played in Tucumán (First National Encounter of Inner Rock, together with Redd and Irreal) and at the Tronador Theater from Mar del Plata. During those years they consolidated as a band that caught the attention of the local media and influenced several of the young musicians of the time.

In 1979 Raffo leaves the group and is replaced briefly by Andrés Calamaro but finally the post of keyboardist is in charge of Carlos Garófalo, with Esteban Cerioni (of the Reed group) as bass player. With this last formation they recorded two songs that would be edited some time later (2004) in the solo album "De Tiempos Pasados" by Cerioni. The group interrupted its activity in 1981.

After a long hiatus, in July 2007, they participated as guests of the Redd group at the Santa María theater in the city of Buenos Aires, performing two sections of the "Trampas para Engañar" suite, composed in 1979

Novelty: the classical formation of Trigémino (Garófalo-Minissale-Pusineri-Raffo) has not left recorded records, but at this moment its members are in the process of recording the material of the time, with a view to editing it soon.

They spent more than 40 years to be able to realize the dream of have their long-awaited album and in December of 2018 there is the release of "Trampas para Engañar" edited by the label Viajero Inmóvil Records.




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