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  • Como un mamut - (2018)



Members featured in the album

  • Como un mamut - (2018)




RICARDO ZERDA - Electric guitar

ISAAC LLOVERA - Drums, keyboards and chorus




First band of Tucumán enrolled in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Formed in 1982 and dissolved in 1987, it returns in 2018 with a record of those songs.

Near 30 years of the separation of the band, produced on July 9, 1987, in March of 2017, Adrián Llovera came up with the idea of ??recording a UT album. He was motivated by some facts, such as the video that Gabriel Díaz Enrico uploaded to Youtube and the radio listening to the old recordings with very little quality.

So it was that, thanks to some cassettes with a lot of noise and some music behind, eleven songs were chosen, respecting the tonality and the original arrangements.

The base is a recording made by UT on March 29, 1986 in an old house of passage Garcia to 800 where Víctor "Piedra" Fernández lived. They recorded live, but separated: Pablo (Zerda) in the living room with César (Maciel) who played by line; Ricardo (Zerda) on the yard, looking through the glass of the door, and Adrián in the bathroom, in the background, without seeing anything and with headphones with a very long cable.

Victor was in the entrance hall, monitoring and recording. When leaving, happy, UT felt that just left Abbey Road !!!

The work that afternoon left 7 songs that make up the current album.

The other 4 tracks were taken from a 1985 Mamut rehearsal recording and a live UT performance at the Mollar, held in January 1987.

The recording was made in Llovera's Studio, recorded and mastered by Isaac Llovera (who also played drums and made choirs) between May 2017 and May 2018.

"Como un Mamut" is a tribute to Pablo Zerda (1964-2012).




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