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  • Los Gatos Salvajes - 1965-2005  * 40 años de rock de autor en castellano *- (2005)
  • Al rescate de Los Shakers - (2016) with Daniel Grígera
  • A naufragar… - La historia de Los Gatos - (2018)



Mario Antonelli                                                                                    

He was born on May 8, 1962. Collector of records, is the author of Los Gatos Salvajes - 1965-2005  * 40 años de rock de autor en castellano *” [Editorial Catálogos]  and co-author with Daniel Grigera “Al rescate de Los Shakers” [Ediciones B, Uruguay]. His notes on Beat Music were published in the magazines "Caras y Caretas" and "Alta Fidelidad", and in the book "The magic land, a guide to South American Beat, Psychedelic and Progressive Rock 1966-1977 - Volume I - Argentina- Uruguay” by Marcelo Camerlo [Editorial Kliezkowski, Spain].

On television, he participated in the programs "Elepé" [Canal 7], Rockeros [Canal á] and Cómo hice [Canal Encuentro], of which he was part of the staff as a historian.

He collaborated in the production of the box set “Una celebración del Rock Argentino primera generación 1963-1973” devised by Litto Nebbia and is the author of the “Mapa genealógico del Rock Argentino” included in this work, designed by Alexandra Deluca and edited by the Melopea Label.

“Extraños de pelo largo”, his encyclopedia on Beat Argentina music [1964-1974], still remains unpublished.




  • A naufragar… - La historia de Los Gatos - (2018)


On the night of Thursday, April 27, 1967, the Los Gatos group heads to the TNT studios of Santa Fe 1050 avenue in order to carry out a test for the RCA label. "La Balsa" is not only the first of the five songs recorded in that historic session -which will light only three months later- but it will also be the cornerstone of what we know today as Argentine Rock.

Half a century later, it is unusual that the bulky bibliography dedicated to Argentine popular music has not yet contemplated the definitive narrative about the history of the group that reset the history of the genre in the country. Until now.

Here is -in an exemplary investigation, supported by an overwhelming amount of revealing documents, most of them never before published, and exclusive interviews- the amazing journey of a handful of young people (Litto Nebbia, Ciro Fogliatta, Kay Galifi, Oscar Moro, Alfredo Toth and Norberto Napolitano) that impacted on the popular culture of a whole country.

Those who do not know the history of Los Gatos will have at their disposal the most complete work.

And those who think they know her, will not stop being surprised.




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