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  • Fen Fire / Ophelia / Inmost Eye - EP - (2012)
  • The not found - CD / LP - (2013)
  • Lingua ignota - CD / LP  - (2015)
  • An edible body - CD / LP - (2018)



Members featured in the album

  • Lingua ignota - (2015)



SERGI ALEJANDRE - Vocals and guitar


RAÚL PÉREZ - Drums and percussion




Wind Atlas was born in Barcelona in 2012 by Andrea Pérez (vocals) and Sergi Alejandre (vocals and guitar) with their first EP "Fen Fire / Ophelia / Inmost Eye" (Boston Pizza, 2012). Soon they underwent changes and in 2013 they delivered their first feature "The Not Found" (Boston Pizza, 2013), released through their own label and going from duo to quartet with the arrival of Iván Montero (guitar) and Raúl Pérez ( drums), although the band continues with influences to the Cocteau Twins / Dead Can Dance, they grow in detail and intensity. After some collaborations in compilations (like the Cønjuntø Vacíø #1 o Mar y Montaña, launched by LaFonoteca BCN in 2014) and the arrival of Raúl Q. De Orte (synths and percussions), in 2015 they release their second feature "Lingua Ignota" (Burka For Everybody, 2015), recorded and mixed by Javier Ortiz Fullton in the Brazil Studios, where also, it seems that Wind Atlas find what they were looking for, a new starting point where they open a new range of possibilities that show more than songs Folk flooded with reverb, they open up to Post-Punk, primitive sounds, Post-Industrial tints and spiritual songs, all without losing the essence of that first Fen Fire EP, but gaining in consistency and presence. Now, Wind Atlas returns with a fourth album and one member less (Ivan) to leave us speechless again, with an almost radical change (not so much of style as of attitude and sonorous and scenic evolution) that goes from the Experimental to the Darkwave and from Industrial to Post-Punk. We did not doubt that Wind Atlas would surprise us with a new evolution and we do not doubt that this will always be the case.




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