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  • El abrazo del Tango y el Rock - (2018)



Alejo Rodríguez de Fraga

He is a journalist graduated from TEA, an advanced student of Social Communication Sciences (UBA), editor and style editor. He performs coordination, authoring and editing tasks for education and health magazines, and has ten years of experience editing and editing textbooks.




  • El abrazo del Tango y el Rock - (2018)


Under a detailed compendium of chapters involved in reflections and interviews, there is an effort in this book to understand these practices, discourses and sensitivities, discussing them. And there Rodriguez de Fraga comes to unravel these disputes, to tell us that these alleged opposites are really the same plot of a phenomenon that is historical, ideological, political, economic and cultural; phenomenon that makes the identity of this mysterious southern country.

In these necessary pages the melancholy sonorous sound of the Marshall, the distortion of the Marshall, the astral voice of Luis Alberto Spinetta, the envy of Roberto Goyeneche, the slap of Charles Baudelaire, lyrics that both denounce and fall in love are swirling; in short, the whole district with its successes, its errors, its contradiction. That yes, turned melody, turned word. Perhaps -in all these pages- there is what Homero and Virgilio Expósito have beautifully called "Cancionística" (something like “Song-istic”).




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