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  • Estación imposible - Expreso imaginario y el periodismo contracultural - (2016) with Sebastián Benedetti
  • Tigres en la lluvia - La aventura de Invisible en El Jardín de los Presentes


Martín Graziano 

Has published articles in magazines like Rolling Stone, Rumbos, La Mano, Brando, Infonews, G7, Planeta Urbano, TDI, Gata Flora, La Pulseada, Orsai (Argentina/España), Gatopardo (Colombia/México), Séptimo Sentido (El Salvador), Latina (Japón) and  Avianca en Revista (Colombia), has participated in collective books La Plata, invented city and Free Composition: Argentina's musical creation in democracy, and has written scripts for television channel Encuentro cycles. Jury in Premios Konex popular music and leads the fund evening program on Radio Universidad de La Plata. He is the author of  the book “Cancionistas del Río de La Plata”. Después del rock, una música popular para el siglo XXI.




  • Tigres en la lluvia - La aventura de Invisible en El Jardín de los Presentes



On the afternoon of May 24, 1976, the Invisible quartet entered the CBS Studios of Paraguay Street in 1500 to record their third long play. Towards the end of the year the group did not exist anymore.

If Invisible is perhaps the most valued band in the career of Spinetta, “El jardín de los presentes” is its culmination of its brief but intense work discography.

In eight songs (many of them become local music classics) Spinetta condenses a part of his cosmogony and sets the foundations of his immediate future as a soloist and in front of Jade.

Martín Graziano reconstructs with remarkable journalistic and melodic skill all the episodes that went through the gestation and the impact of the appearance of  “El jardín de los presentes” at the end of 1976. A tiny but definitive period of time in which Luis Alberto Spinetta, Carlos Machi Rufino , Héctor Pomo Lorenzo and Tomás Gubistch recorded and published a key disc for Argentine popular music of the last half century.

An album of citizen songs, with their feet on the asphalt, which broke with the conceptual complexity of the group's previous albums.




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