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  • La puerta del sol - (2011)
  • Knei - EP - (2012)
  • Juventud de la gran ciudad - (2017)



Members featured in the album

  • Juventud de la gran ciudad - (2017)




NICOLÁS LIPPOLI - Guitar and vocals




Trio originally from La Pampa, grew up musically in La Plata and now settled in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina) was formed in 2006 by Nicolás Lippoli (vocals and guitars), Mauro López (bass) and Roberto Figueroa (drums). They already have an LP recorded in 2011 with the name "La Puerta del Sol" and in 2016 they release their second long titled “Juventud de la gran ciudad”. This second album confirms what many expected from this hurricane, an amalgam of angry seventies sounds, fused with a flaming Psychedelia that on this new album shows its best form.

In Knei traditional Latin American Rock is merged with Psychedelia, a frenetic party of syncopated chords that take a colorful psycho flight as you face the disc. In the beginning, the theme that gives the title draws attention to its extension, exquisite harmonies and high performances from the genius of Nicolás Lippoli, an unpredictable chord stream flows from the Flying 5 with which he recorded the album, even when he usually hangs live a steamy Telecaster. That taste for the jams they do in a natural way, long developments where they walk you through improvisations Jazz, Funk and a poignant sound to the most seminal Blues.




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