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  • Alegoría e ironía bajo censura en la Argentina del Proceso - (2010)
  • Charly en el país de las alegorías - Un viaje por las letras de Charly García  - (2013)
  • Spinetta - Mito y mitología  - (2017)



Mara Favoretto was born in Venado Tuerto, Province of Santa Fe, in 1968. She is a researcher, doctor of letters, and professor at the University of Melbourne, Australia, where she lives since 2003. She has taught courses on popular culture and participated in conferences countries such as Germany, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Chile, Spain, United States, Italy and New Zealand.

She is the author of the books “Charly en el país de las alegorías: un viaje por las letras de Charly García” (2014) and  “Alegoría e ironía bajo censura en la Argentina del Proceso” (2010), and numerous articles of research on the intersections between politics, power and popular music in Argentina, published in magazines and academic editions.




  • Spinetta - Mito y mitología  - (2017)


Luis Alberto Spinetta is much more than a Rock musician. It is very difficult to find negative comments or criticisms regarding him or his work and always obtained a great respect from the public, the press and other artists, as if it were a special, almost sacred being. For many it is a greater word as an example of life and an impeccable personal and professional ethic.

What does he maintain - in addition to his personality, his ethics and his aesthetic - this validity and the fanaticism that generates, although he always tried to avoid it? Why are your songs attracted to us? What inner fibers move us to disobey his will and idealize it as one of our popular myths?

In this book it is maintained that, on the one hand, Spinetta has been transformed into a myth by its audience; On the other hand, that part of the secret of her poetry and what she generates is in the construction -addition or not- of a particular mythology that addresses existential questions and tries to appease the anguish generated by the separation between man and the cosmos.

Mythology - like music - somehow points to the meaning of life. Luis Alberto Spinetta came to fulfill a mission among us and filled a spiritual space that had left empty ideologies and religions. “El Flaco” is still alive in his music and his myth, and, like all transcendent works, will no doubt continue to generate ideas, stimulating the imagination and awakening minds willing to seek "the antidote against all the evils of this world."


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