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  • Parte - (2016)



Members featured in the album

  • Parte - (2016)


FLORENCIA RUIZ - Guitar and vocals

MONO FONTANA - Synthesizer, funds and piano




Mono Fontana and Florencia Ruiz began playing together in 2011 and since that time share properties and also contemporary authors such as Hugo Fattoruso and Luis Alberto Spinetta music.

On 30 September they presented their first album "Parte". Mono Fontana (synthesizer, funds and piano) Florencia Ruiz (guitar and vocals).

The album contains 16 songs composed by Florencia Ruiz and dressed by the genius of Fontana and its magic.

The album includes specially composed for this work and reviews the duo repertoire pieces.

They have usually performing an intimate show, full of colors and light.




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