Viajero Inmóvil - Difusión de grupos progresivos independientes

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  • Un viaje - (2016)



Members featured in the album

  • Un viaje - (2016)

RICHARD NANT - Trumpet, flugelhorn and percussion

ALAN PLACHTA - Electric guitar


SATOSHI TAKEISHI - Drums and percussion

SAM SADIGURSKY - Clarinet and tenor sax

MATT PAVOLKA - Double bass




Richard Nant, trumpeter and percussionist, he takes the juice to his two specialties (much admired as a trumpeter, also integrates as director, percussion combo La Bomba de Tiempo). In fact, the two Encuentros (tracks 3 and 7) in which is dedicated to percussion, are joint improvisations with Japanese Satoshi Takeishi, drummer and percussionist of this work. Alan Plachta, fine guitarist, arranger, composer and artistic producer, whom we saw in front of a macro project as the Colectivo Argentino Uruguayo few years ago, here brings his sense of melody and that facility for long and subtle developments.

The four musicians who joined in New York are notable for their history and how to play at this time. The pianist Luis Perdomo, Venezuela, its main virtue ductility, which allows you to play accurately and tenderness in the calmest and brain passages, and fly with finesse as a Bop pianist in the most critical moments. Matt Pavolka (double bass) and Sam Sadigursky (clarinet and saxophone) are American "leg" of the sextet and not far behind at all.




* Richard Nant / Alan Plachta

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