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  • Firefly / Resurrection of the sun - (1969) Simple
  • May god and your will land you and your soul miles away from evil - (1972)
  • Radar Love / Dark rose - (1974) Simple
  • Exorcism / Mr. Skin - (1974) Simple
  • Exterminio / Radar de amor - (1984) Simple



Members featured in the album

  • May god and your will land you and your soul miles away from evil - (1972)


JAIME “Pacho” ORUE - Vocals and chorus

ENRIQUE “Pico” EGO AGUIRRE - Lead guitar, Hammond organ, rhythm guitar and chorus

MARK AGUILAR - Bass, acoustic guitar, piano and vocals

MIGUEL FLORES - Drums, cowbell, tumbas, kazoo, acoustic guitar, vocals and chorus


Guest musicians on bonus tracks:

MAÑUCO MONTENEGRO - Vocals and chorus





PAX is a Hard Rock and Acid Rock band formed in late 1969 in Lima, Perú. Led since its inception by the first guitar Pico Ego Aguirre is a precursor to Hard Rock in Spanish, for 1971, while the first productions of Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, released their LP which is now considered a jewel Peruvian and Latin American Rock. After the military dictatorship of Juan Velasco Alvarado in Peru, which was adverse to the diffusion of Rock, the band split before regrouping in the 80s, after another break the band returned and in 2008 made a presentation with Deep Purple at the National Stadium in Perú.




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