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  • Mal y bien a la vez - (CDr) - (2001) EP
  • Tributo a Depeche Mode / Argentinian tribute to Depeche Mode - (2001) Compilation
  • Anestesia Dos - (CDr) - (2004) Compilation
  • 13 Nebulizaciones - (CDr) - (2004)
  • Crucial sky in the land of premonitions at Lorenzo´s weekend - (2006)
  • Some Bizzare Double Album - (2 CDs) - (2008) Compilation
  • Nosocomio - (2008) Cassette limited edition
  • Los Paranoicos "The Paranoids" - (2008) Film soundtrack
  • Nada de nada - (2008)
  • Desorden obsesivo - compulsivo - (2011)
  • Oveja negra - (2014)
  • Adan de Adan - (2014)



Members featured in the album

  • Crucial sky in the land of premonitions at Lorenzo´s weekend - (2006)


ARIEL SIMA - Composition and Electronic sounds

DIEGO SIMA - Graphics and strange voice





Farmacia is Ariel Sima (electronics, programming and instruments), Diego Sima (vocals, graphics and instruments). The Argentinean band met in 2000 and released their first EP on their own label Discos Sordos. Following their debut "Musica Envasada" (2000) they released "Mal y bien a la vez" (2001), "13 Nebulizaciones" (2004) and "Nanas" (2005). Psych-O-Path Records (USA) has released an original cd compilation of both released and unreleased material that encapsulates the evolution of the Farmacia sound over the past six years called "Crucial Sky In The Land Of Premonitions At Lorenzo´s Weekend" (2006) Farmacia "Nada de Nada" (2008) is an electronic pop song album released by Discos Sordos include "Nada de Nada", "Todo esta bien", "Te puedo Abrazar". Farmacia appears on the film "The paranoids" Adam Yauch´s (Beastie Boys) company Oscilloscope Laboratories. Farmacia and their peers have created an energetic and vibrant electronic music scene in Buenos Aires where they play various venues and festivals. They played at the BUE festival in Buenos Aires with bands like Massive Attack, Human League, Andrew Fletcher Dj set (Dm). Farmacia appears with the track "Estas Técnicas" in the new compilation "Some Bizzare Double Album" (2008) on the legendary UK label Some Bizzare Records (Soft Cell, Einstürzende Neubauten, Depeche Mode, Cabaret Voltaire, The Grid, Psychic Tv, Coil, The The, Marc Almond).




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