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  • Desde Bären hasta Olvidus Muscus - (2009)
  • Acústico @ Espacio Dada - (2010) Live
  • Kowloon …Ciudad amurallada - (2016)



Members featured in the album

  • Desde Bären hasta Olvidus Muscus - (2009)


LUZ TOTAL - Drums, percussion, programming and chorus

UN CONOCIDO RUSO - Bass, double bass and chorus

ROTOR - Piano, synths, keyboards and chorus

HEMOGA FEMEBA - Guitar, vocals, glockenspiel, vocal harp, shouts and chorus


Guest Musicians:

RÉPELENT -  Locutions

GONADA - Bandoneón

MARCELO L. - Violin

JAVIER - Tenor sax

DAVID F. - Trombones

MARÍA R. - Chorus



GUIDO P. - Sitar

APAI - Guitar solo

ELQUEDESPIDECOCOS - Alto & tenor sax and clarinet


Members featured in the album

  • Kowloon …Ciudad amurallada - (2016)


LUZ TOTAL - Drums, glockenspiel, percussion, synths and jaw harp

SIR PASTO - Piano, Hammond organ, keyboards and synths

UN CONOCIDO RUSO - Electric bass and double bass

HEMOGA FEMEBA - Electric & Classic guitar, mandoline, glockenspiel, synths and vocals


Guest Musicians:

DAVID FERNÁNDEZ - Trombone and trumpet

FEDERICO KERSNER - Tenor & alto sax


CHES SMITH - Drums and percussion

MARÍA EUGENIA ROMERA - Orchestra timbales







Helmut Róbot is an interesting Argentinian quartet since 2004 is showing signs of experimental talent in the Buenos Aires scene. It consists of  “Luz Total”, “Rotor”, “Un Conocido Ruso” and “Hemoga Femeba”. Its peculiar name came from an improvised and bizarre story written by a friend of the band (Adrián González) and whose concept fits perfectly with the sound delivery that manufacture these guys. Robot grown musically a very seductive mixture containing shades of Jazz, Tango, Bossanova, inserts himself gene Rock / Avant-garde.

The fuel that could give life to this peculiar character evokes a California noventero stink, and if we list bands like Mr. Bungle, Idiot Flesh or more "recent" extinct Estradasphere, would not be very distant octane which reaches the space bet Helmut.

They have a plate called “Desde Bären Hasta Olvidus Muscus” (2009, Independent), which stamped very good shape that spirit of freedom that was experimental basis as large West Coast gringo, but it shines with its own light under a seal staff these guys print it in each of the eleven compositions. The concept and shared in that debut album art can generate a quasi end of what is essentially Helmut Róbot sketch.

That work has been part of his repertoire in the various presentations in the bars of their base city (and not only them, but also the streets, eye!). "Desde Bären ..." also led in 2010 to northern Argentina (Salta) where they were very well received by their compatriots. Helmut is a risky mission machine set to break the monotony of the local concert, and even Latin American underground experimental bands. Fortunately for the restless, the robot not only invade your gigs Rock format, but so do subtly with acoustic sessions, the speakers of this undeniable gesture of proposing new things.

At the end of the year 2016 they publish their second work "Kowloon ...Ciudad amurallada" a bizarre conceptual work under the concept of those futuristic films of the 60's.




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