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  • Jazz Argentino -  La música "negra" del país "blanco" - (2015)



Berenice Corti is a researcher in music and culture at the Institute for Research in Ethnomusicology of the City of Buenos Aires and the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires. She graduated in Communication Sciences, Master in Communication and Culture and PhD in Social Sciences for Cultural Theory Area of ??the same faculty. Coordinates the work group Jazz in Latin America of the International Studies Association in Popular Music (IASPM - Rama Latinoamericana) and integrates the Board of the same Association (2012-2016). Fellow of the National Endowment for the Arts (2013), 3rd Prize Essay Contest “Las industrias culturales en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires” (OIC- GCBA, 2007) and Distinción Jazzología (Centro Cultural Gral. San Martin, Ministry of Culture GCBA, 2004). It was independent producer of concerts with local Jazz Club in the Paseo La Plaza (1997-2000) and other spaces as Konex Cultural Center (2002-2004).




  • Jazz Argentino -  La música "negra" del país "blanco" - (2015)


¿How music has historically been constructed as "black" in a nation that has been characterized by denying the African influence on their culture do? From this question a thoughtful approach to the history and present of Jazz in Argentina, through interviews with musicians from different generations and styles is proposed. With a foreword by renowned researcher in popular culture Pablo Alabarces, this book addresses threads that link the popular music with the processes of social significance, miscegenation and identity, without ignoring the recent debates on the local "African" culture and space it occupies in the so-called Black Atlantic.