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  • Música sobre pintura - Volúmen I - (CDr) - (2014)



Members featured in the album

  • Música sobre pintura - Volúmen I - (CDr) - (2014)


FRANCISCO SLEPOY - Electric guitar and composition


SANTIAGO LEIBSON - Piano and Hammond organ



Visual artists:


CARMEN VILLA - Sheets and silk prints




Slepoy began studying guitar in Resistencia (Chaco, Argentina). He has attended the international Workshop “A tocar la vida” in Cerrito Island, where he has taken classes with Egberto Gismonti, Rufus Reid, Jaime Torres, Naná Vasconcelos, Néstor Marconi, Hermeto Pascoal, Hugo and Osvaldo Fattoruso, John Lee, “Chango” Farías Gómez, Steve Dancz, Gil Jardim and Leo Maslíah.

He has studied Composition during one year at the Fine Arts University in La Plata. In the meantime, he has taken guitar lessons with Nestor Gomez. He is a graduate of the Contemporary Music School (Berklee International Network) and the now-legendary jazz program of the Conservatorio Superior “Manuel de Falla”, a 100% free state funded school directed by pianist Ernesto Jodos that has revolutionized the way jazz had been taught in Buenos Aires. He has also taken private guitar lessons with Pino Marrone and Juan Pablo Arredondo.

Since 2011, he has been playing with his own Quartet featuring Fran Cossavella, Fernando Toyos and Miguel Crozzoli. This group has recorded El color de las sombras (2011) and Nuevo Snark (KUAI007). As a sideman, he has recorded in Miguel Crozzoli´s Ciclos de luz (KUAI006) and in Pablo Butelman´s #12.

He has also composed and performed in Contemporary Art Exhibitions: Lo intractable (Federico Klemm Foundation) by Silvia Gurfien and Estar (Diagonal Gallerie) by Martín Lanezan and Carmen Villa.

Works as guitarrsita in Crozzoli Miguel groups: Miguel Crozzoli quartet and Serie gráfica, Equilibrios Colapsados.

Also conducts the project  ¨Francisco Slepoy, Música sobre pinturas¨ with which registered the volume I, composed this on the works of artists: Carmen Villa and Silvia Gurfein project. In ¨Música sobre pinturas Volumen I¨  the group consisted of Miguel Crozzoli on tenor saxophone, Santiago Leibson on piano and organ Hammond and Fernando Toyos on bass.

He currently leads ¨Reptil¨, is a group of original music composed by Lucas Goicoechea on alto sax and Andrés Elstein on drums. Reptile recorded his first album in December 2014 and released in 2015.




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