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  • Gustavo Ribicic - (2011)



Members featured in the album

  • Gustavo Ribicic - (2011)


GUTAVO RIBICIC - Piano, keyboards, tapes, etc.



Contemporary composer and musician - experimental.

Founding member of the Association of Composers AJCA-Cuda and Cultrum. He participated in organizing concerts and festivals Experiment with local and foreign musicians, presenting at these meetings several of his compositions.

It premiered works at the Teatro Colón, Teatro Gral. San Martín, Centro Cultural Gral. San Martín, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Teatro Sarmiento, Centro de La Música (ex Biblioteca Nacional), SADAIC, CELCIT, Centro Cultural Rojas, Centro Cultural Borges and circuit rooms off Fundación San Telmo, Parakultural,  Babylonia, Archibrazo and others.

The disc includes a series of thumbnails captivating strangeness, which include new forms, textures and sonorities, with various live performances Ribicic as fragments of a concert at the CC Recoleta (1986), en el Experimenta Festival (2005), at the Estudio Cosentino (1997) and also at the CC Recoleta in 1989 with Silvia Luna (cello), Adriana de los Santos (piano) and Fabio Mazzitelli (flute).