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  • Caelus Impros - (2014)



Members featured in the album

  • Caelus Impros - (2014)


ALBERTO CHISLOVSKY - Keyboards, synths and piano

JORGE CHIKIAR - Keyboards, synths and piano




Alberto Chislovsky and Jorge Chikiar been producing experimental music collaboratively since 2010, appearing in several rooms of Buenos Aires, as the Teatro del Viejo San Isidro Council and in 2014 Spectrum in New York.

Caelus is an eclectic album that represents that unique and unrepeatable instance that occurs in the meetings of both musicians in the recording studio and the way of Zen, spontaneous music flowing proposed. Both musicians use acoustic, electric and analog synthesizers pianos, being created its own aesthetic of each meeting.

Alberto Chislovsky born in 1958, studied music at the University of Museo Social Argentino (choral conducting) and studied composition with teachers Albano, Gimenez Noble, Paul Aguirre and Marcelo Katz. and piano with Marcelo Katz and Enrique Julio.

Jorge Chikiar born in 1970, was formed in CEAMC (Advanced Center for Contemporary Music, in the career of composition) with teachers: Javier Valverde, Eduardo Checci, Ruben Blasco and studied piano with Perla Gonilski and Gustavo Pires and violin with Alfredo Hess




* Alberto Chislovsky and Jorge Chikiar

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