Viajero Inmóvil - Difusión de grupos progresivos independientes

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  • Tristes noticias del imperio - (1978) 
  • Cuentos del subsuelo - (1979)
  • Ceremonias para alzar el telón - (2 CDr-s) - (2007)



Members in the album

  • Tristes noticias del imperio - (1978) 

JUAN ESCALANTE - Drums, keyboards and lead vocal

LUIS ALBORNOZ - Electric and acoustic guitars and vocals

ESTEBAN CERIONI - Bass and vocals


Members in the album

  • Cuentos del subsuelo - (1979)


LUIS ALBORNOZ - Electric and acoustic guitars

ESTEBAN CERIONI - Bass and vocals

OSCAR IMHOFF - Lead vocal


JUAN "POLLO" RAFFO - Keyboards


Members in the album

  • Ceremonias para alzar el telón - (2 CDr-s) - (2007)


LUIS ALBORNOZ - Electric & acoustic guitars and chorus

ESTEBAN CERIONI - Bass, acoustic guitar and vocals


Guests musicians:

JUAN "POLLO" RAFFO - Keyboards


CARLOS GARÓFALO - Vocals, bass, electric guitar, sitar and chorus


JORGE MINISSALE - Electric guitar

OSVALDO FAVROT - Electric guitar


In the early 70's, a strong and creative fomentation was borning at San Miguel de Tucumán, one of the most important and tradicional Argentinean cities, refering to the Progressive scene. Many groups of Tucumán were invited to participate at "BARROCK Festival" in 1971 and "La Pequeña Banda deTricupa (L.P.B.T.)"
Was considered the best beyond their captivating performance. But when REDD started their activities in the beginnigns of 1977, there were no other groups in activity.
REDD were saluted as a kind of continuation of the mhytical L.P.B.T, i.e. the memorable concert in September 13, 1974 with Aquelarre and the presentation of the concept work "Leyenda en Octavo" by Roddy Castro, in November 19, 1976. The psychologist and writer Ricardo Gandolfo joined  the group, for the elaboration of the lyrics, while Sergio Tomatis and Eduardo Joaquin, promisers studentes of graphic arts tooked care of the graphic parts; an old friend Gabriel Fulgado would be the general coordinator.
The most important characteristic of REDD would be the private production of their works, after the meeting with M.I.A., the first private group, which would be considered the pioneers of "the new way of production in Argentina".
The REDD's life could be divided on two very different phases; the first between Jan/77 and Apr/79 REDD, when the group issued "Tristes Noticias del Imperio" and presented in Buenos Aires in November 22, 1978 at "Santa María del Buen Aire" Theatre, creating a huge interest of the specialized press, which cited them as an example of the new sound of Tucumán. 
In the beginning of 1979, after the abandonment of the group by Juan Escalante because it was diagnosed an initial and progressive deafness, it was concluded the first phase of activity. After the group would increase the line up to 5 members and recorded the second work "Cuentos del Subsuelo".
Juan Escalante quit REDD in May of 1979 when it was undelayble the realization of "Encuentro de rock", a festival programmed to 19 and 20 of this month.
This event was an idea of REDD, intending to rejoin all groups of the whole country which developed their activities as independent mode, either caused by own intention or lack of oportunities. Like this way, they contacted the group Irreal of Rosario (where played Juan Carlos Baglietto and Juan Chianelli) and Trigémino of Buenos Aires, and these groups should exhibit at this festival.
Since it was an emergence the publicity of the festival, REDD proposed to Irreal and Trigémino to actuate equally, by the organization schedule and to allow the presentation of REDD. Marco Pusineri (drummer of Trigemino) proposed to play with them to replace Juan Escalante. From them on, Pusineri would be the drummer of REDD till the end.
In October, after the gigs of the last month together with the keyboarder Enrique Mondino (Fast colaboration to these shows) at the Universitary Theatre of Tucumán, REDD went to Buenos Aires to record "Cuentos del Subsuelo", the second LP, which would be inedit by economic reasons. For this recording were invited the musicians Oscar Imhoff, original vocalist of the mythical "Pequeña Banda de Tricupa", which played with REDD in the "Bis" of the presentation in November 22, 1978 at"Santa María" Theatre in Buenos Aires and remained as official member of the group, and "Pollo" Raffo, at that time actuating as invited keyboarder of Trigémino, which would be perform in the future gigs, alternating with other friends keyboarders like Lito Vitale of M.I.A. and Adrián Iaies of Meridiano.
In the next years, REDD were only dedicated to gigs in Tucumán (La Paz Theatre - January 1980), Córdoba (La Falda Festival - February 1980), Rosario (Lavarden and Santa Fé Rooms - March 1980), Buenos Aires (Lassalle Theatre - September 1980) and Mar del Plata (Auditorium Theatre - October 1980), when they got a great recognition of the public and the specialized criticism. REDD played together with famous groups like Raúl Porchetto, Spinetta, Vox Dei, Raíces, Litto Nebbia, León Gieco, ... but a problem with the distance between Buenos Aires and Tucumán, when half the musicians lived, incapacitated the rehearsals and the creation of new themes, it caused the split of the group after the great presentation at the festival "Encuentro Nacional de Música Contemporánea Argentina", organized by the magazine "Humor" at the place "La Trastienda", as an answer to the shows of Frank Sinatra at Sheraton Hotel in August 1981, whose dates coincided with. REDD would be the unique musical expression representing the city of Tucumán performing at this festival. 




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