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DERVICHE Discography Equilibrista (2003) Urania (2005) El ekeko cósmico y su taragato musical (2007) Members featured in the album El ekeko cósmico y su taragato musical (2007) FERNANDO KIENER - Piano LEOPOLDO JANIN - Tenor & soprano sax MARCELO VON SCHULTZ - Drums LECIANO PERALTA - Double bass Derviche came to light by early 2001. Since then, it developer a personal style based on their own compositions, featured mainly by improvisations and group interaction. The repertoire consists exclusively of original songs -composed by Luciano Peralta - from which the group creates their unique language. As from the very beginning Derviche has performed in several tetares, bars and centres. They have also participated in Festivals and Jazz events: “Festival de Jazz del mar” en Pinamar (2003), “4º Buenos Aires Jazz y otras músicas” (2005), “Ciclo Bares Notables de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires” (2005), “1er Encuentro del sol” realizado en San Pablo – Brasil (2005), among others. Information: