Viajero Inmóvil - Difusión de grupos progresivos independientes

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  • Mil opciones/ Hoy te preguntarás (TK 533) - (1976) single
  • No pisar el infinito - (1976)
  • Plus / Muchacha melancólica - (1978)
  • Escuela de Rock’n’roll - (1981)



Members featured in the album

  • No pisar el infinito - (1976)


JULIO SAEZ - Guitars, percussion, vocals and chorus

HORACIO DARÍAS - Drums and percussion

HUGO RACCA - Bass, vocals and chorus

SAÚL BLANCH - Leader vocals, chorus and percussion


Members featured in the album

  • Escuela de Rock’n’roll - (1981)


HUGO RACCA - Bass, electric & acoustic guitars and chorus

SAÚL BLANCH - Vocals and harmonica

LEÓN - Leader guitar, piano and vocals

HORACIO DARÍAS - Drums and percussion




After Escarcha broke up, Sáez, Racca and Darias remained together and joined singer Saúl Blanch to keep on playing hard rock a la Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin.

Their rare first single and now hard to get album were released on a small independent label (TK). No pisar el infinito is, no wonder, a good hard rock and blues album, full of guitars riffs et al. Best tracks are "El mago del tiempo", "Ocúltame amigo", and the nice ballad "Ya tenés por quién luchar".

The following year, now on a big label, they released a much heavier second LP with better production but not as good as the first one. The long "Melancólica muchacha" (featuring violin player Fernando Suárez Paz) is possibly the best track.

In 1981 a third album on another independent label -now without Sáez- hit the stores (Escuela de rock & roll [Tonodisc 8031]).

Later on, Sáez, Racca and Darias joined famous argentine tennis player Guillermo Vilas to form Dr. Silva, a short living group to fulfil Vilas’ dream to sing his nonsense lyrics with a rock and roll band. They released a poor CD.

Hugo Racca and Saúl Blanch released solo albums as well. Plus' second album was reissued on CD featuring bonus tracks under the title “Melancólica muchacha”.



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