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TÉSIS ÁRSIS Discography Ilusões (2002) Estado de alerta maximo (2005) Sinos da eternidade (2011) Members featured in the album Sinos da eternidade (2011) ANDERSON B. RODRIGUES - Keyboards, guitars and programming Guest musicians: NILSON - Classic guitar CLÁUDIO - Keayboards, arrangements and programming MAURÍCIO - Technical Born on May 1958, Anderson Rodrigues (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil), grown up in a family with mother and grandmother playing the piano and he used to go to sleep listening to classical music. At 10 years old his uncle presented him with his first acoustic guitar and he started to play his first accords, learning by himself how to play it. At the age of 12, he starts to play the drums in a cover group, performing presentations in small local clubs. In July 1972 his family moved to another city (Brasília, Brasil). At the age of 16, he begun to compose his first musics. From this moment on he starts to dedicate himself to the acoustic guitar again and enters the Brasília Music School, studying classical guitar. Back to the city of Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) in the 1980. In this decade he continues to intensively compose musics, varying from prog rock, hard rock, new age and even pop/folk ballads and enters the Villa-Lobos Music School, studying classical piano, musical theory and harmony. The period of 1989 and great part of the 90's was important due to the close contact with friends and good music fans. This is also the time Anderson buys his first electric guitar and his brother Gelson his drums. The most important and profitable result in terms of musical group was the one formed by: Anderson Rodrigues (electric guitars, acoustic guitar and drums); his brother Gelson Rodrigues (drums); friends Cláudio Fonseca (keyboards) and his brother Maurício Fonseca (bass). The result was predictably a great number of new musics. On September 6, 2002 is launched the first work of Tésis Ársis group: the “Ilusões” CD. Instrumental work entirely composed, arranged and performed by Anderson Rodrigues, playing the electric guitar and keyboards, with bass and drums programming. The CD was produced in the period between January 2001 and March 2002, totally independent. The result of those efforts of Tésis Ársis group - independent artists, under the light of prog rock liberty and symphonic progressive atmosphere - is this CD, containing 5 suites. On May 2005 is launched the second CD: “Estado de Alerta Máximo”, this CD was produced in the period between 2003 and 2004, using the same structure of composition of the first CD, containing 5 suites. Their third album called “ Sinos da eternidade” was edited in 2011.