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  • Estupidez - Agustín Guerrero Quinteto



Agustín Guerrero Quinteto

Agustín Guerrero (Lomas de Zamora, June 14, 1988) is a composer, pianist and arranger from Burzaco. He founded and directed the Orquesta Típica Cerda Negra (2004-2008) and the Orquesta Típica Agustín Guerrero (2008-2015), known as OTAG, with which he achieved a nomination for the Lunas del Auditorio 2013 awards for the presentations made in Mexico at the framework of the 40th Cervantino International Festival, and another to the 2016 Gardel Awards for the XXI record material. In 2014, together with Juan Martín Scalerandi, he formed the Duo Guerrero / Scalerandi (piano and guitar) and in 2016 he created the Agustín Guerrero Quintet that he directs from the piano and synthesizers. In 2019, together with J. M. Scalerandi and Leonel Capitano, he toured more than 10 European cities, forming the Contemporary Tango Ensemble that same year in Paris.

He edited the albums Quiebre (2007), Resurgimiento (2011), XXI (2015), Orillas Gardelianas (2018) and Nueva Música Argentina (2018).




  • Estupidez - Agustín Guerrero Quinteto


Stupidity is a multidisciplinary conceptual work. The music is accompanied by poetry –written by Pablo Marchetti–, and the video art intervention by Gonzalo Duro. The book is organized by each of the 15 pieces that make up Stupidity, and each part consists of the "explanation" of the piece, the poem, an image of the visual intervention, and the score.

Our ability to capture, assimilate, retain, order and relate information is diminishing. As the volume of information that we can access increases exponentially (expansion driven by new technologies) and the speed of its transmission, the fragmentation of knowledge also increases. We delve into various specificities; and the broad and superior knowledge that we need to obtain for a healthy and appropriate existence becomes more diffuse and incomprehensible with the passage of time. We can only leave our hypothetical, premature and unverifiable conclusion reflected: We are doomed to be increasingly stupid.

From the heart of this reflection, ESTUPIDEZ was born, an interINdisciplinary conceptual work that from music, poetry and images does nothing more than show the endless stupidities governed as normalities, dogmas, laws, culture, entertainment, ways of life, customs, traditions, classism, freedom, economic models and state policies that regulate and condition our actions, our thinking and even our feelings.

The set of stupidities selected to make up this work is as follows: Stress, Militia, Morbidity, Tango Houses, KO, Famine, Monoculture, Free Market, Psychoactive Drugs, Extreme Sports, Cholesterol, Disneyland, Scrum, Atomic Bomb and Zapping.




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