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  • El elefante y la hormiga - (2014)
  • Yo soy el que no está - (2019)
  • Como esperando la noche - (Memorias sobre Zurcidor y Eduardo Darnauchans) - (2021)
  • Vámonos de aquí - (2023)



Fidel Sclavo

Tacuarembó - Uruguay [1960]: painter and graphic designer, he is the author of “Yo soy el que no está” (2019) and “El elefante y la hormiga” (2014).He also published several illustrated books such as “Los amigos imaginarios”, “Lo que vive en ti”, “La mujer que hablaba con peces”, “Todos queremos a alguien”, among many others, published in Uruguay, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Spain.

He is one of the graphic designers of the album covers for the German label ECM.

In this editorial and in 2021, he published “Como esperando la noche - (Memorias sobre Zurcidor y Eduardo Darnauchans)”.




  • Vámonos de aquí - (2023)


Nine songs packaged in an irregular octagon, impossible to locate on the record shelves, to relate it to other LPs. An album accredited to the Pescado Rabioso ensemble, but composed and performed almost entirely by the artist known as Luis Alberto Spinetta in 1973, at the age of 23.

Driven by his love for a long play, the plastic artist, graphic designer and writer Fidel Sclavo organizes a low-level flight over Artaud (the French poet, playwright and essayist who died around the middle of the 20th century) and Artaud (the totem of Argentine popular culture of the last decades of the 20th century). Sclavo's drift –and his singular prose, “freehand”– finds treasures (links, cross inspirations, quotes) and delivers a new, foreign, unconventional look –and listening– to these stainless 37 minutes of spinettean glory.




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