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  • Un viaje por el estilo musical de Charly García (1972-1996)



Diego Madoery

He is Full Professor of the "Argentine Musical Folklore" chair at the Faculty of Arts of the National University of La Plata and of the "History of Popular Music" chair at the Higher Institute of Music of the National University of the Litoral. He graduated from the Faculty of Arts of the UNLP with the titles of Professor in Composition and Orchestral Conducting. He is a Doctor from the University of Buenos Aires, History and Theory of Arts area. His thesis focused on the musical style of Charly García's songs. He has been working since 1996 as a researcher on projects related to popular rock and folk music.




  • Un viaje por el estilo musical de Charly García (1972-1996)


What is Charly García's music like? Can we describe in words the musical style of his songs? Each of the readers of this book has a variety of possible answers or perhaps just the curiosity to know if it is possible to say something about his music that has not already been said. We can open endless coffee debates about what his best album, song or era is, but there is something that is not in dispute: decades after his first album with Sui Generis, Charly continues to show his uninterrupted validity within the Argentine and Latin American rock scene. Much has been written about his life, his excesses, his provocations, his records, the lyrics of his songs or his recitals. But this book deals with one of the aspects on which, paradoxically, less has been written: his music. A revealing book written from a specifically musical perspective little explored in the literature on Latin American popular music that will allow musicians a detailed and in-depth knowledge of how Charly's music works and, curious fans and music lovers, get closer to some possible keys to understand something more of its magic and charm.




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