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WENCHI LAZO - EMILIO HARO Ver información de la banda
"En suspensión"

(2013) - Radiaciones armónicas / Cardo
CD - digi-tray

Improvisational Music executed through varied sounds and effects of guitars, all under the watchful eye and creative guidance of Emilio Haro, who was in charge of producing, editing and mixing this album.

Samples - WENCHI LAZO - EMILIO HARO - “En suspensión” - Soundcloud

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WILLY QUIROGA - VOX DEI Ver información de la banda
"Esta noche no parece igual - 50 años - “En vivo en Mr. Jones”"

(2019) - La Rompe Records

The legendary band consists today of Willy Quiroga, Carlos Gardellini and Simón Quiroga, who played their greatest hits and some surprises live on September 2nd, 2017, at “Mr. Jones Pub”, in Ramos Mejía, province of Buenos Aires. A night abundant in lovely memories and emotions...

Samples - WILLY QUIROGA - VOX DEI - Esta noche no parece igual - 50 años - “En vivo en Mr. Jones” - YouTube

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WIND ATLAS Ver información de la banda
"Lingua ignota"

(2015) - Twilight Records
CD - digi-pack

The music of this group from Barcelona (Spain) has gained nuances on their second album, drifting smoothly from Dark Dream-Pop and New-Wave passages (which remind us of Dead Can Dance) to gloomy Post-Punk atmospheres similar to those of Crispy Ambulance, Durruti Column or In Camera.

Samples - WIND ATLAS - Lingua ignota - Bandcamp

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YÁBOR Ver información de la banda
"De vuelta al barrio / No dejes de cantar"

(1979/1982) - Mucha Madera Producciones

Most likely this CD contains the two most fundamental albums in this Uruguayan singer-songwriter's career. His simple songs narrate everyday life type of circumstances, through the merging of Folk with Murga and Candombe rhythms.

Samples - YÁBOR - De vuelta al barrio - YouTube

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YSASA, MARICEL Ver información de la banda
"Nacerán las hojas "

(2009) - Noseso Records
CD - digi-sleeve

This is the first album by this singer-songwriter and it gathers together a cluster of beautiful acoustic, albeit brief compositions. A record which is bereft of any sort of studio artificiality, trickery and wizardry: it is an organic, artisan-like and natural recording, comprised of eleven compositions, mostly buoyed up by her lovely voice and circular guitar arpeggios, which effortlessly endow her melodies with a haunting and hypnotic character.

Samples - MARICEL YSASA - Nacerán las hojas - YouTube

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ZO´LOKA? TRÍO Ver información de la banda
"Al borde del desborde"

(2008) - Acqua Records
CD - digi-pack

Second album by this very particular trio (piano, cello and vocals), which introduces the listener to an original sonic and charismatic instrumental development. They play a free-style interpretation of various musical genres, such as Jazz, Contemporary Music, Folk, amongst others.

Samples - ZO'LOKA? TRÍO - Al borde del desborde - YouTube

U$S 14