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  • Esta noche no parece igual - 50 años - “En vivo en Mr. Jones” - (2019)


Members featured in the album

  • Esta noche no parece igual - 50 años - “En vivo en Mr. Jones” - (2019)


WILLY QUIROGA - Bass and vocals

CARLO GARDELLINI - Guitar, vocals and chorus

SIMÓN QUIROGA - Drums and chorus


Guest musicians:

MAXI RUFFO - Guitars





Willy Quiroga was presented with his power trio in Mr. Jones on September 2, 2017 to make it clear that he still has several reasons to continue playing, with the same passion and energy as always.

When there was not so much smoke in the streets, when there was no Internet or social networks, when the National Rock was called "Beat Music"; Willy Quiroga was already there, playing bass in Quilmes. With self-confidence, passion and an impressive technique, Willy forged his first weapons in Folklore, until the Rock knocked on his doors and nothing was the same again.

Almost 60 years later, Willy remains firm as a monolith, anchored to his bass, and with the same raw voice of yesteryear. Due to a judicial conflict with his former partner Ricardo Soulé, Willy can no longer use the name of Vox Dei, but all those who follow the musician from the beginning know that Quiroga was and is synonymous with one of the founding bands of the National Rock.

More than 30 years ago, Vox Dei said he had reasons to continue. Today Willy confirms it in each of the shows he continues to offer, with his head held high, the same tenacity as always and a band that has no plans to slow down on this path of life and Rock.




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