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  • Plegaria urbana - (1979)



Members featured in the album

  • Plegaria urbana - (1979)


CARLOS RODRÍGUEZ VIDA - Guitar and vocals

MARTÍN VALORA - Guitar and vocals



Guest musicians:

LITTO NEBBIA - Piano, Mellotrón and synths


JORGE GONZÁLEZ – Double bass

PABLO ROMAGNOLI - Flute and quena




Atonal was a trio composed by Josefina Steinhardt (voice and flutes), Martín Valora (guitar and voice) and Carlos Rodriguez Vida (guitar and voice) that started as such in 1976.

Originally Josefina and Carlos used to present themselves as a duo and met Martín in a concert cafe in Villa Urquiza called "Cariló". In 1975 the possibility of playing at the Guadalupe School arose because the date had been released by the departure of the group Aquelarre to Spain.

In the middle of that year, thanks to Litto Nebbia, they joined the show schedule for a month to play along with Rodolfo Haerle and Yabor, and the following month they shared dates with Mirtha De Filpo and Jorge Durietz.

Finally in April 1976 they meet with Martin to form Atonal for musical affinities. From there they play with other groups, some known (Porchetto, Yabor) and others new, with enough continuity.

For 2 years they often play in small venues in Buenos Aires, until on June 12, 1978, in a presentation of the trio in the Moliere room, they are listened to by a person who recommends them to the producer Oscar López, who gives them some tests. , and as they like, they sign a contract immediately.

Just in the month of December recorded the first bases of what would be his first LP "Urban Praying", actually they do in 3 rounds (December, January and February) because there were some inconveniences to be paid what corresponded to the musicians who accompanied the trio in the making of the album: Litto Nebbia (keyboards), Jorge Gonzalez (double bass), Néstor Astarita (drums) and Pablo Romagnoli (transverse flute). The album is finished recording at the Music Hall studios in March of 1979, and after waiting a few months, it finally appears in the racks of the record stores. The presentation of the album was made on December 15 at the Teatro Bambalinas.

In the live performances that the trio made to present the album they played Pablo Romagnoli (transverse flute), Gerardo Silva (piano), Eduardo Rudnitzky and Jorge Ludzow (percussion). One of his most important presentations was made with Merlin in the cycle of shows in Parquerama 80, in La Rural.

In the first months of the year 1981, some members of the Way of Life (Figueiras, Di Pace and López Galán) joined the group with those who started a tour of Córdoba in June. Upon his return, he was scheduled to record his second LP in the next two months, but this was not done. Shortly after the vocalist Josefina Steinhardt moves away from the project.

In October they announce that the label that had them contracted (Sazam Records) decides to return the contract to the band, from there Atonal thought about recording a demo to present at other record companies and also thought about releasing the second album independently , already with the incorporation of Verónica Rapela in flute and voice. In spite of the disappointment, they continued with their intense plan of presentations and in mid-1982, this last formation is disintegrating.

Already without so much repercussion, there were attempts to reflotar the project, in the year 1983 the formation was integrated by Carlos Rodriguez Life, Martín Valora, Daniel Socolovsky and Lydia Diamond.

Arrived at the year 1986, Analía Abat is incorporated, after the separation of Lidia Diamond.

Without major transcendence, Atonal disappears from the scene until in 2018, its two main members perform a show remembering the songs of "Urban Praying."

In the middle of 2019, the Mucha Madera Producciones label publishes its first work in CD format, including several unpublished songs.




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