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  • Navarro con polenta - (1977)



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  • Navarro con polenta - (1977)


JORGE NAVARRO - Piano and keyboards








Jorge Navarro makes his appearance in the world of Jazz in 1958 with the "Swing Timers". They played the style of the first groups of Benny Goodman, recording 3 LPs and several singles, in addition to making presentations throughout the country. Soon after, he formed his own trio, with which he recorded several songs and performed at numerous Argentine universities. The Department of State of the United States, sponsors a tour of the group that covers almost the entire country. In 1960 he formed the "Agrupación Nuevo Jazz" together with Leandro "Gato" Barbieri, Rodolfo Alchourron, Horacio Chico Borraro, Alfredo Wulff, Jorge Negro González and other great Argentinian musicians, with whom he recorded an LP and performed in different stages. He was awarded the medal instituted by the "Bop Club Argentino" to the best Jazz pianist for two consecutive years. The American critic Gene Less, from Down Beat magazine, votes him for the annual survey "as one of the three best jazz pianists in the world, outside the United States." In 1965 he was invited to the "International Jazz Festival of Santiago de Chile".

During Ella Fitzgerald's visit to our country, she performs with the great singer and Jimi Hall (guitar) and Roy Eldrige (trumpet).

In the year 1969, he integrates "The Sound and Company", a set with which he publishes 6 LPs and 20 singles, in addition to innumerable presentations on TV. They make a tour of Central America that will culminate in the United States, where they reside and remain for 6 years. The final touch of this time, will be in the famous Sahara of Las Vegas.

In 1976 he returned to Argentina forming a quartet with which he recorded an LP of Jazz Rock called "Navarro con polenta" published in 1977 and resume the presentations on TV. At that time he is invited to share with the famous singer Ray Charles, his closing performance in Buenos Aires. The magazine Prensario designated him in 1977 and 1980 as "The Jazz Musician of the Year", a distinction that he awarded again in 1984.

He was chosen to accompany the famous clarinetist Buddy De Franco during his visit to our country, an opportunity in which the recitals were recorded, with LPs being published in Scotland, the United States and Japan. In England the LP was titled: "Buddy Defranco, the Liveliest" being recorded by the HEP label.

In 1984 he was invited by the University of Jazz Music of the city of Graz, Austria, together with Alfredo Remus and "Pocho" Lapouble, to give a one-week seminar that culminated in the Grand Concert by the students. According to Navarro himself, this was an unforgettable experience. Later they started a tour of 20 recitals that included Vienna and the main Austrian cities recording an LP in Innsbruck for the EMP label.

Following the success of the tour, they were invited again the following year. During this second European tour (November - December 1985) which also included four cities in Germany, they recorded a second LP, also released in Europe.

In August of 1986, he signed a contract with CBS Records to record "El loco son ustedes", an LP integrated with themes by Lapouble, Franzetti, Gershwin, Cole Porter and Navarro himself, which shows us an artist in its fullness, with an experience enriched by talent and work.

In November 1986, he made his third European tour, including Austria, Germany and Spain, during which, in addition to his performances, he recorded the program "Jazz between friends" for Spanish Television. Also this year, he performs with the trumpeter "Nat Adderley" during his presentation in Buenos Aires.

Since 1987 he is a member of the "Banda Elástica" group with which he has recorded three CDs for the Sony company, in addition to receiving three awards: "Estrella de Mar", a "Quinquela Martín" and two ACE awards.

In 1988 he toured Europe again, recording a CD in Salzburg, together with the Austrian musician Karl-Heinz Milkin, for the Austrian label TBC Records.

From January to April and from August to November 1994, he performed in a duo with Baby López Furst in "Clásica y Moderna" with notable repercussion. In July of that year, "Duo" was released, a CD that reflects the live performance in that venue and that is the winner of the ACE award as the best Jazz album of the Year 1994-1995.

On May 10, 1995, he joined, as a guest member, the General Assembly of the Argentine Council of Music, a body dependent on the UNESCO International Music Council; for his work in the field of music, which has been and is very important, not only for the trajectory and the merits that fit him from the artistic point of view, but for his serious and responsible attitude towards Argentine music.

In August 1995, he was summoned to organize and artistically direct the "First International Jazz Festival of Punta del Este". This festival was held in January 1996 with the participation of great Jazz figures: Paquito Rivera and his quintet, James Moody, Ignacio Berroa and the legendary trumpeter Clark Terry, whom Navarro accompanies with his own trio.

In March of 1996 the last record work of Jorge Navarro is published in Spain, it is a CD titled "Fascinating Rhithm" Jorge Navarro Trío. The publishing label is Blue Moon, Prd. Record Labels Barcelona. The trio is completed with Jorge López Ruiz, on double bass and "Pocho" Lapouble on drums.

In 1997 it was 60 years since the death of the great George Gershwin, with this motive, Navarro in duo with Lopez Furst and accompaniment of the Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ernesto Acher, made 8 concerts, in the months of September and October at the Avenida de the Federal Capital to full room and with great success of specialized critic, that considered these recitales like the musical event of the year. For this reason the cycle is repeated during the months of June and July 1998 in the same room.

The show was titled "Ghershwin, the man we love" and included the "Rapsody in Blue" in special arrangement by Ernesto Acher.

On the occasion of the 1997 cycle, a CD was recorded live, which was already published in Argentina and several European countries.

In the summer of 1998 the Navarro - López Furst duo was nominated for the “Estrella de Mar” award for their performance in four recitals that took place in the auditorium of Mar del Plata.

During the course of the fifth season of "Duo" in "Opera Prima", they recorded their third CD live, including an original version in arrangement of "Baby", from "Concierto de Aranjuez" by Joaquín Rodrigo, a version that was quickly transformed in the CD hit. This recording was made between November and December 1999.

The official presentation of this CD to the public, record houses and specialized press was made in March 2000, becoming a great sale success.

In July of the same year and during a performance of the Duo López Furst suffers a stroke and dies within a few days.

In the month of October, Navarro with his trio is invited to participate in the " Festival Internacional de Jazz de los Siete Lagos", organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Nation is held in San Martin de los Andes and Bariloche. The trio inaugurates said festival on October 12 sharing the stage with the quintet of Dave Holland, former bassist Miles Davis. They participated among other great figures of the Jazz of USA: Michael Brecker, John Pattitucci, South Diane and many more.




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