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  • Vidrieras -  (2007)
  • La corvina alegre - (2011)
  • Minimal - (2013)
  • El dragón blanco - (2017)



Members featured in the album

El dragón blanco - (2017)


PATRICIO CARPOSSI - Electric guitar


MAURICIO DAWID - Electric bass


SERGIO WAGNER – Trumpet and french horn

RAMIRO FLORES - Alto sax and clarinet

LUIS NACHT - Tenor sax and flute

JUAN CANOSA - Trombone and tuba


Guest musicians:

MARIANO OTERO - Electric bass

MARTÍN SUED - Bandoneón

FERMÍN MERLO - Vibraphone




Guitarist and composer Patricio Carpossi was born in Buenos Aires in 1978. He completed his musical training in academies and with teachers from Buenos Aires, New York and Amsterdam, among which Carlos Campos, Manolo Juárez, Peter Bernstein and Barry Harris . Currently, he participates in several groupings along with Hernán Merlo, Mariano Otero, Sergio Verdinelli, Luis Nacht, Enrique Norris, Natalio Sued, Ernesto Jodos and Rodrigo Domínguez, among others. It was presented at the Holland Festival in Santiago de Chile and at various local festivals. The Uanchu label released his first album "Vidrieras" in 2007, which shows him at the head of a quintet. That same year, he was nominated by Clarín as Jazz Musician Revelation.

His second album "La corvina alegre" was released on Sofa Records in July 2011, in which he made his own standards and compositions.

In the year 2013 he released his CD "Minimal" and it is the third album. The music of this new material presents a strong melodic character with emphasis in the composition without losing the essence of the improvisation that characterizes the guitarist. In turn, it maintains a balance between acoustic and electric sound. The disc contains eight original compositions of which seven belong to Carpossi with the exception of Balvina, by Sergio Verdinelli.

The fourth solo album is called “El dragón blanco”  and was released through the label Club del Disco in 2017, with Mauricio Dawid on bass and Sergio Verdinelli on drums. Carpossi is part of the band Luis Nacht, and the saxophonist is part of his album, along with trumpeter Sergio Wagner, Juan Canosa on trombone and tuba, and saxophonist and clarinetist Ramiro Flores. The octet is completed no less than with Hernán Jacinto on keyboards, and as guests Martin Sued appear in bandoneón and Mariano Otero on bass. Of the Jazz, it has the freedom of the musicians to follow the guidelines of the arrangements that elaborated the author allowing itself to float; of the Argentine Rock, the expressiveness, that is denoted in certain rhythmic turns and harmonic progressions.




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