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  • Bar Los Amigos - (2000)
  • Estados alterados - (2002)
  • Sexteto en movimiento - (2003)
  • Misterioso - (2006)
  • Visiones (2008)
  • Piazzolla plays Piazzolla - (2011)
  • Vértigo - (2013)
  • Las cuatro estaciones porteñas - (2014)
  • 3001 - Proyecto Piazzolla (con Elena Roger) - (2016)
  • Sesiones Ion - (2017)



Members featured in the album

  • Sesiones Ion - (2017)



NICOLÁS GUERSCHBERG - Piano and arrangements

MARIANO SÍVORI - Double bass


GUSTAVO MUSSO - Alto & soprano sax

MARTÍN PANTYRER - Bass clarinete




Daniel "Pipi" Piazzolla form Escalandrum in 1999. The name of the group comes from the combination of escalandrún (an Argentine shark species that "Pipi" fishing with his father Daniel-family activity initiated by his grandfather Astor-), and drum.

The same year, Escalandrum released their first album, "Bar Los Amigos" with strong influences from the Latin Jazz and a very good reception by the local press.

In 2001, with the release of his second album “Estados alterados”  (presented with great success in the Teatro ND / Ateneo of Buenos Aires), the group won in the category of Revelation in several of the main prizes to music. At this point, you can already see them oriented in the search for an acoustic and personal sound.

In 2004 comes the third installment, "Sexteto en movimiento" and Escalandrum stops being revelation to confirm itself as one of the best exponents of Jazz made in Argentina. The group departs from the known paths of the genre to integrate it with urban rhythms and folkloric airs.

That same year, the Konex Foundation places the group among the 100 most outstanding figures of the last decade of Argentine popular music.

The fourth album, "Misterioso", is a solid album with a modern sound that leads the group to play in the most eclectic festivals in Argentina and the world since its launch in 2006. Arriving in 2007 to represent to the country in the Music Market of VIC in Barcelona.

In June 2008, the sextet published "Visiones", where it reaches an original compositional and interpretive maturity, creating an inescapable disc within the scene of the new Argentine Jazz.

2011 finds the group with 12 years of experience, having traveled the main stages of Argentina and more than twenty countries, greatly exceeding its genre in each presentation. And as a corollary, presenting his work, the remarkable "Piazzolla plays Piazzolla", unique piece that unites the Tango and the Jazz in a fluid way. It is the tribute of Escalandrum to the great Astor Piazzolla on the 90th anniversary of his birth.

Escalandrum officially presented "Piazzolla plays Piazzolla" in Buenos Aires, at the Gran Rex theater, counting on the special participations of Paquito D'Rivera and Susana Rinaldi, receiving a wide repercussion from the public and the press and a nomination to the Latin Grammy awards in The category Best Instrumental Album. After this, it continues developing numerous tours by different countries and finishes to give form to the material, already composed in its totality, that will result in the seventh disc of study that will be published in the beginning of 2012.




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