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  • Less is more - (2003)
  • Good vibes!!! - (2007)
  • More vibes!!! - DVD - (2008)
  • Groovewords - (2009)
  • What did you expect? - (2011)



Members featured in the album

  • Good vibes!!! - (2007)


MAURI SANCHIS - Hammond organ, Rhodes and synthesizers


Guest musicians:









Since 2003, year of the release of their first album (Less is More), Mauri Sanchis (Alcoy, 1974) has positioned itself as one of the Spanish musicians more international significance in the area of ??the groove either within the Blues, Funk, Jazz or Soul through numerous achievements, recognitions and awards.

Named first Spanish endorser of Hammond and Moog and the first Spanish German label BHM.

Winner of AJH awards for best album, best single and best live band as well as the Kultur Cam award for his contribution to the cultural landscape in the province of Alicante.

Some of their songs have been included in compilations alongside stars like John Scofield, Mike Stern, Scott Henderson or Chano Dominguez.

He has participated in numerous Jazz festivals of international significance highlighting San Javier Jazz or Jazz Pori (Finland).

And he has played or recorded with stars such Vargas Blues Band, Kepa Junkera, Raimundo Amador, Bill Evans, Dean Brown, J. DeFrancesco, Popa Chubby, Graham Foster, or D. Allman among others.

With a career developed as a self-taught artist, his first contact with the Blues arrive in 1994 with a cover band Clapton, B.B. King or Santana called Progressions leaving behind an adolescence in the composition largely influenced by the music of Vangelis, Jarre and Mike Oldfield.

In 1995, his studies led him to USA, which also used to rotate by California alongside veteran bluesmen like Jay Wood and Gary Hamilton.

On his return, he collaborates with various musicians and groups highlighting the stage by the great British guitarist Graham Foster.

In 2003, he decided to start his solo career with the album "Les is more" you receive a warm welcome from public and press and which toured throughout Spain in festivals, auditoriums and clubs.

The launch of "Less is More" has a significant impact within the international panorama Hammond, leading to Mauri to be named first Spanish endorser of Hammond Europe in 2005.

In 2006, his second album, "Good vibes !!!" is added to the catalog of the prestigious German label BHM (Maceo Parker, Hiram Bullock, Tok Tok Tok, etc ...) and receives the unanimous recognition among AJH awards including best album and best theme.

It is also published in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile by the label Blue Art.

Such impact reaches its peak when one of the issues Mauri is included in the compilation Funky Planet Earth with issues Scott Henderson, Joe Zawinul, John Scofield, etc ...

The Good Vibes tour !!! leads to the Mauri Sanchis Band to participate in Spain in events as marked as the Festival de Jazz de San Javier, where he received the best reviews of his career for the Efe Agency and where he is invited to a Jam Session by Popa Chubby, King N. York blues.

Meanwhile, shares the stage with artists as diverse as Kepa Junkera or Vargas Blues Band on the album Flamenco Blues Experience as a keyboardist and composer next to Raimundo Amador, Frank Marino, Devon Allman, etc ...

In 2008, the DVD "More vibes!!!" editing, Live at Jazz San Javier and the tour includes the Pori Jazz (Finland) festival, one of the most important in the world.

In addition, also in 2008, he was appointed first Spanish Moog endorser and win the AJH awards for Best Direct and Kultur CAM for their contribution to the cultural landscape in the province of Alicante.




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