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  • EP - Kirlian -  (2007)
  • Bienvenidos a la tierra - (2011)



Members featured in the album

  • Bienvenidos a la tierra - (2011)



LUCIANO POZUETA - Guitars and vocals

RODRIGO ÁLVAREZ - Acoustic guitars, keyboards and vocals

ADRIÁN TORRES – Percussion, keyboards and chorus






Kirlian was created in early 2005, after almost 10 years of having traveled several passages in the Rock, some of the current members meet to exchange ideas, thus building the basis of a project arising from the convergence of strong and particular experiences together with the work already carried out each in turn.

Its members joined bands such as It's up to you, Journal, Light of fuse end, and Andes, with which shared shows with Los Alamos, Baltimore in Love, Hablan por la Espalda, Cucsifae, Satan Dealers, Santa Cruz, Amoeba, Doris, Comme, Fantasmagoria, among others.

Their project is often accompanied by existential dyes, so in addition to working with sounds, are intended to stimulate the ability to connect with something to boast beyond everyday life, a way to counter the transience suffered in life current, and anxiety that incites the city. In his music you stumble with abstract elements, plastics and serene, like other impulsive, concrete and tormenting hand, own opposite swing factors that can achieve accompany the hypnotic Kirlian instinct.

In 2007 they edited independently and through Sadnessdiscos their first EP consisting of 5 songs with a very marked,  Post Rock style.

In 2010 they entered to record what will be his first LP “Bienvenido a la Tierra”, which was published in 2011 (SD021), giving an interesting turn in their songs, adding vocals to the band and guest musicians from Los Alamos and Bauer .

Kirlian arguably isTrip Experimental Rock. With varied influences ranging from Folk, Postcore, Indie-Rock and emotional and instrumental music.




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