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  • Astropecuario - (2007)
  • II - (2007)
  • III - (2008)
  • Auricular Audio Magazine #14 - (2009) - Compilation U.S.A. Magazine
  • Uuq - (2010)



Members featured in the album

  • Uuq - (2010)


ALAN COURTIS - Electric guitar

CHARLY ZARAGOZA - Electric guitar

FERNANDO PERALES - Electric guitar




UL was formed in 2006 with members of Reynols, Minexio VII and Virgen Vapor. In May 2005, they were convoked by the japonese singer Damo Suzuki (ex Can) in order to join him in a series of gigs performed in Buenos Aires in the same year. Musically UL explores the timbric posibilities of the electric guitar, looking for its own and unique language, which combines elements of noise, drone, contemporary atonal music and free improvisation. The band has edited “Astropecuario”, which is their first album in Scotland, released by Pjorn Records, and a second album “II” released by Facon Records. In 2006 they performed live and made jam sessions with musicians from Germany and Finland. Nowadays they are materizing their new material that soon will be edited in Russia, France and other countries.