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  • Alma y Vida -  (1971)
  • Alma y Vida - Volúmen 2 - (1972)
  • Alma y Vida - Volúmen 3 - (1973)
  • Del gemido de un gorrión – (1973)
  • Alma y Vida - Volúmen 4 - (1974)
  • Alma y Vida - Volúmen 5 - (1976)
  • Ajedrez - (1982)
  • Nuevas Sensaciones - (1991)
  • Cronología - (1993)



Members featured in the album

  • Cronología - (1993)

CARLOS MELLINO -  Piano, organ and vocals
BERNARDO BARAJ - Sax and chorus

JUAN BARRUECO - Guitar and chorus

ALBERTO HUALDE - Drums and chorus

GUSTAVO MORETO - Trompet, flute, piano and chorus

CARLOS VILLALBA - Bass and chorus



Pioneer of Jazz-Rock, this group was to accompany the singer Leonardo Favio, who were opened in 1970. This was a group founded by love Jazz musicians who had gradually turned over to the Rock and called Beat Music of the early ' 70 without forgetting its roots. The first steps of the group were directly related with the style of foreign bands like Blood, Sweet & Tears and Chicago, formations also had a Jazz roots but moved near the Rock.

Alma y vida during a cycle made his debut on Sunday morning at Teatro Opera, with names such as Manal, Arco Iris and Vox Dei.

With the entry of Gustavo Moretto replacing Mario Salvador, Alma y Vida found his best form and played an outstanding performance in the first two editions of the festival mythical B.A.Rock in the former Municipal Velodrome. This success prompted them to record the first album in 1971. Based on several hits like "Salven a Sebastián" or "Hoy te queremos cantar", the band got great impact between a not strictly rocker public and thereby managed to establish itself assiduous cheerleader dances in "fashionable" clubs.

In late 1974 Gustavo Moretto left the formation to move into a much more complex and elaborate with Alas trio music. His departure accelerated a process of internal crisis in the income group that wind player Osvaldo Lacunza could not save.

In 1976, Alma y Vida recorded his fifth and final LP and released soon after, the group was dismembered following the departure of Carlos Mellino.





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