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  • Enciclopedia del Rock Nacional 30 Años - (1996) Coautor
  • De Ushuaia a la Quiaca - (2005) Coautor
  • Solos y de Noche - Crónicas de Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota - (2018) Coautor
  • [Manal] - (2022)



Claudio Kleiman

Journalist, musician and composer, host and radio presenter, with an extensive career linked to rock and popular music.

His beginnings date back to 1976, as one of the founders of the mythical magazine “Expreso Imaginario”. Since then, he has collaborated with the main newspapers and magazines on topics related to music, such as Rock & Pop, Pan Caliente, Cerdos & Peces, El Porteño, Blues Special, Music Expert, Cantarock, El Musiquero, Fierro, Zona de Obras (Spain), and the newspapers Clarín, Perfil, La Nación, Página/12 and El País (Spain).

He is a collaborator of the magazine "Rolling Stone", Argentine edition, where he has participated since its foundation, in 1998.

He is co-author of the books “Enciclopedia del Rock Nacional 30 Años”, “De Ushuaia a la Quiaca” (with León Gieco and Gustavo Santaolalla) and “Solos y de Noche-Crónicas de Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota”.

In radio, he conducted and musicalized programs on various stations, such as FM Radio Rivadavia, La Tribu, Rock & Pop, Radio Euskadi (Spain) and Nacional Rock FM, where he made his own program, "Algo Está Pasando".

Together with Alfredo Rosso, he conducts and provides music for the program “Truco Gallo”, on Radio UBA 87.9 FM, which has been broadcast since 2014.

As a musician, he is a singer, composer and guitarist for the group Claudio Kleiman y la Banda de Sonido, a project with which he has been playing since 2009, in different places in Buenos Aires and the interior of the country, and participating in different festivals such as " Homenaje a los pioneros de la contracultura y el rock nacional”, “Con alma de Blues”, “Festival de Blues de verano”, “El Blues local, más vivo que nunca”, “Cosquín Rock”, El Acusticazo”, “B.A.Rock 2017”, and “Festival MASTAI 2019”.

He participated as a soloist on the albums “Una Celebración del Rock Argentino”, “Guardado en la Memoria -Homenaje a León Gieco”, “Los Artistas Homenajean a Litto Nebbia - Sinfonías para Catedrales Vivas”, “El Poeta - Canciones en Español”, a Tribute to Leonard Cohen.

One of his compositions, “Boggart Blues” (composed together with Skay Bellison, guitarist for Patricio Rey and Los Redonditos de Ricota), was recorded by Skay on his second solo album “Talismán”.

As a guest musician, he participated in albums by León Gieco, Claudio Gabis, Super Ratones, Padre, Jorge Senno, La Mancha de Rolando, Cristian Aguayo, Marcelo Ponce, Gigio González, and the Uruguayan band Los Músicos Invisibles.

In 2018 he released his first solo album, "Era Hora", recorded at the legendary Del Cielito studios, made up of his own compositions, with the participation of great musicians such as León Gieco, Gustavo Santaolalla, Ricardo Mollo, Diego Arnedo, Claudio Gabis, Claudia Puyó, Rodolfo García, Ciro Fogliatta, Gabriel “Conejo” Jolivet, La Mancha de Rolando and Alejandro Balbis, among others…




  • [Manal] - (2022)


The testimonies, by the protagonists themselves, shed light not only on a meeting that was witnessed by very few people, but also on the history, personalities, music, philosophy and legacy of Manal.  Javier Martínez, Claudio Gabis and Alejandro Medina they had the enormous doses of audacity and talent that were necessary for the creation of a new genre, Blues in Spanish.

MEDINA | Manal left a huge, deep mark. And we have to take charge of that by playing very well and loving it to be able to enjoy it without anger, without ghosts, without delusions, that's why we're great. See reality, take charge of the animal part to better enjoy the musical kingdom.

GABIS | We arrived at the Red House concert sufficiently rehearsed and emotionally and technically united enough to be able to return to unforeseen music, which was what always characterized Manal, a music very close to jazz in its achievements and in our projections of that the themes were living things and not structures to be repeated mechanically and without graces.

MARTINEZ | Even if you don't like it, you have to be controlled. It takes a lot of concentration, and if you spend a little bit of the dose you already lose your reflexes, you start to get delirious. The music we made is not Bèla Bartók, but it is not simple either, it is quite complex music, it has strange drum patterns, it has bass arrangements that only Negro understands, it has harmony that Claudio invented, that only he knows.




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