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  • Apertura - ( 1977 )



Members featured in the album

  • Apertura - ( 1977 )


DANIEL MÉNDEZ - Yamaha acoustic guitar and Gibson SG electric guitar, harmonica and vocals

ROBERTO MÉNDEZ - Gibson SG electric guitar y Yamaha acoustic guitar, laud  and vocals

CLAUDIO PEDRA - Acoustic piano and  Fender Rhodes piano, Hammond organ , Mini Moog, Roland mellotron, Selmer sax and Hönher flute

ROBERTO MASSAROTTO - Fender Jazz Bass and vocals

LUIZ YANES - Drums and percussion




The only album recorded by Eternidad is a work of great musical quality. With an aesthetic related to Folk Rock with symphonic and Jazz Rock passages, at times the group resembles the lyrics of Sui Generis in its most progressive stage. A hidden pearl that deserves to be heard.

Eternidad was formed in the mid-1970s by brothers Daniel and Roberto Méndez. After establishing themselves as a quintet, they began to wander around small stages, where they achieved a certain importance.

In 1977 they agreed to their first record production, "Apertura", which hit the shelves a year later, when the group was going through some ups and downs. At that time, the drummer Luis Yanes (later dean of the faculty of philosophy and letters) was replaced by Daniel Torriggiane, with whom they continued to move and perform.

The little repercussion that the plate achieved, added to the discontent of some members due to the actions of the band, led to their separation during the summer of 1979.


"The experience of Sui Generis has deeply marked many groups and soloists of the new generation. Eternidad. For example, it has a strong air of Sui music. Above all, on the vocal plane, a wave very similar to that of SG in its early days. Musically, Eternidad runs through the song with good arrangements and free harmonizing, without being tied to fixed schemes. The Instrumentation is one of the most convincing aspects of this album, and the lyrics the weakest. These are innocent in extreme, falling dangerously into Manichean positions. If this defect could be traced and the vocal aspect adjusted more according to the melodies, the product would be very interesting. Cover: An innocent drawing that nonetheless describes a certain childishness that transpires the album. Synthesis: A work with the influences and clichés of the first works, "Apertura" is a neatly made album that allows us to feed future expectations for this group".

Pelo Magazine - Review (1977)




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