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  • Regreso a casa - (2021)
  • Más experiencia - (2021)
  • Mundo Real - (2022)



Members featured in the album

  • Regreso a casa - (2021)



PABLO MARTÍNEZ - Piano, Minimoog, lead, pad, synth, Mark1 and Hammond organ

GABRIEL BIKERWAY -  Drums and percussion


Members featured in the album

  • Más experiencia - (2021)


EDUARDO MARINEZ - Electric & acoustic guitars and bass

PABLO MARTINEZ - Piano, Minimoog, lead, pad, synth, Arp2600 and  Hammond organ

GABRIEL BIKERWAY - Batería, vibráfono y percusión


Members featured in the album

  • Mundo Real - (2022)


EDUARDO MARTINEZ - Ibañez RG927 electric guitar,  acoustic guitar and  Rickenbacker 4001bass

PABLO MARTINEZ  - Acoustic piano, Minimoog, lead, pad, Arp2600 and  Hammond organ

GABRIEL BIKERWAY - Tama Stage drums, marinba and percussion


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Black eXpression is an instrumental project led by the guitarist and composer Jorge Eduardo Martinez, based in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The musical goal is to create Progressive Rock using instruments from the 70s combined with the strength of these times, inspired by Rush, Xang and Dream Theater.

Resultados de traducción

At the beginning of 2021, his debut album “Regreso a casa” was released under the Viajero Inmovil Records label, a work that presents 5 long-lasting instrumental songs, where the virtuosity of its musicians stands out.

Towards the end of that same year, he presents a new album called "Más Experiencia", an independent digital edition that has a musical line that is closer to Progressive Metal, showing a more powerful facet and variations of what the group can offer.

It was followed by several simple tracks accompanying their music on the band's Bandcamp.

In April 2022, the third album came out, again supported by Viajero Inmóvil Records. “Mundo Real” once again recreates the songs closest to the Symphonic Hard Progressive / Symphonic in a subjective sound ensemble according to certain canons determined in this musical trend, with customary pomposity, offering agility and making intelligent use of rhythms, beats and complex compositions.




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