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  • Nacht Musik - (2001)
  • Nacht Mood - (2003)
  • El cuento del tío - (2005)
  • El presente - (2006)
  • En las nubes - (2010)
  • Lo invisible - (2012)
  • La incertidumbre - (2014)
  • La hora inexacta - (2018)



Members featured in the album

  • La hora inexacta - (2018)

LUIS NACHT - Tenor & soprano sax

SERGIO WAGNER - Trumpet and flugelhorn

JUAN CANOSA - Trombone









Luis Nacht was born on January 17, 1959 in Buenos Aires, and as a child he studied flute and guitar, but it was at the age of 15 that he began formal flute studies with maestro R. Islas in Mexico City. It is there where he begins to work professionally as a flutist and singer of Latin and Latin American music, traveling through Central America and Europe. (South Group). Later he incorporates the language of Jazz with the study of the saxophone.

He took some lessons in music and saxophone with George Coleman, Richard Beirach (N.York), E.Beilin, C.Lastra, Chachi. Ferreira (Argentina).

He works regularly in Argentina, where he recorded and plays with Jazz musicians and other styles such as: Afro Jazz, En El Aire, E.Fazzio (Italy), Pepi Taveira, Pablo Bobrowicky, M.Inanaconne, Carlo Actis Dato (Italy), J .Crawford (G.Bretany), E.Beilin, Ernesto Jodos, Enrique Norris, Oscar Giunta, Rodrigo Dominguez, Fernando Tarrés, Lucía Pulido, Sergio Verdinelli. Fernando Otero, Mariano Otero, Hernan Hecht, Bruno Chevillon, Joel Holmes, Eric Echampard, Oscar Jan Hoogland.

It is from 1999 that he leads his own project, with which he released his first CD "Nacht Musik", for the label BAU Records. Playing regularly in the cultural and club circuit of Argentina.

For the activity depleted during the year 2001, he won the prize "revelation" in the category Jazz musician, by the specialized critic “Premio Clarín”.

In June 2002 he presents his music in Barcelona with Horacio Fumero, Dani Perez, and Mariano Steimberg, in "Jamboreé", and the "Nova Jazz Cava Terrassa", in addition to playing regularly in Argentina, where he publishes his CD "Nacht Mood" . In BAU Records (2003), with excellent criticism from the specialized press.

His first CD "Nacht Musik", was chosen as one of the five best albums of the year 2002 by the prestigious European magazine "Cuadernos de Jazz".

In 2004, he toured Mexico (april and november), New York and  Miami.

In 2005, he edits his third solo album "El cuento del Tío". He is invited to the Jazz Festivals of Havana, Santo Domingo and the international BAU festival by E.U.A, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil.

In March 2006 he toured with his quartet in Europe, on March 14 at the Jazz Festival of Terrassa (Barcelona), then to Cadiz and Puerro de Santa María and in June a new tour through Mexico.

Edit your 4 album ”El Presente”.

In 2008 he returned to Europe and performed at the Lugo Festival. Terrassa and The Jazz Fest of Recife Brazil.

In 2010 he edited his 5 album "En las nubes" and presented it on an extensive tour of Europe in the month of November.

In October 2011 European tour through Spain, France, Denmark, Switzerland and Italy.

In July 2012 he presents his 6th album "Lo invisible" in trio with Ernesto Jodos and Jerónimo Carmona.

September 2012 tour in quartet for Mexico.

April 2013 tour Mexico, National Palace of Fine Arts, Festival May 5 (Puebla) and New York.

In 2014 he deploys an intense activity in Argentina and travels to Mexico with his quartet in November.

2015 edits along with Ricardo Piglia and Eduardo Stupìa the Book-disc "La Incertidumbre" declared of cultural interest by the Ministry of Culture of the Nation and edited by the Club del disco.

At the end of the year 2018 he edits his eighth work called "La hora inexacta", again under the tutelage of Club del Disco.




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