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  • Catálogo de vinilos de Rock Argentino 1958 - 1996 - (2018)



Claudio Zuccala


Fernando Brener




  • Catálogo de vinilos de Rock Argentino 1958 - 1996 - (2018)


Catálogo de vinilos de Rock Argentino is the first work that is encouraged to cover the complete history of the Argentine Rock covers. The period covered (1958-1996) generates pleasant surprise: the book is encouraged to discuss the official history of Argentine Rock and dares to include records of the first Jazz orchestras (such as Pequenino) that dared to venture into the genre.

The first bands of Rock and Roll, Twist, Surf and Beat coexist with consecrated and forgotten names. The only requirement is to be Rock! Following the criteria of the Anglo-Saxon historiographers, we do not resort to the discriminations and exclusions typical of our environment. Johnny Tedesco and Seru Giran, Sandro and Soda Stereo are present in these pages full of photos and information.

Also included are editions of Argentine artists in other countries and compiled with unreleased songs or from groups that did not release their own LP. They have also been integrated Uruguayan bands that laid foundations and were part of the Argentine Rock scene.

The work has around 1600 vinyl covers with their information, among the more than 600 artists between bands and soloists.

It was prioritized to capture the complete discography of the band or the soloist, except for some exceptions where it was considered that this work gave a change away from the concept of the book.

For any fan of the history of Argentine Rock, for any lover of music, for those interested in the history of Argentine Art. Catálogo de vinilos de Rock Argentino is the reference work, necessary for the reconstruction of the entire history of our Rock. An eternal disc that will never stop spinning.




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