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• Contratangos - (2011)

• Tangos de la posverdad - (2018)



Members featured in the album

• Tangos de la posverdad - (2018)


JUAN PABLO NAVARRO - Double bass and composition



ESTEBAN FALABELLA - Electric guitar 

SEBASTIÁN TOZZOLA - Clarinet & bass clarinet



Guest musicians:






Juan Pablo Navarro born in Avellaneda on April 9, 1971 and is one of the most sought after bassists in the contemporary Argentine music scene. He is one of the founders of the Tangocontempo project together with Falabella, Prusak, Greco, Ruggero, Guerschberg and Schissi. He has recorded and / or acted alongside notable Tango, Folklore and Jazz artists, namely: Pablo Agri, Amelita Baltar, Gustavo Beytelmann, Ubaldo De Lío, Leopoldo Federico, Guillermo Fernandez, Quique Greco, Raúl Lavié, Joe Lovano, Quinteto Real , Susana Rinaldi, Walter Ríos, Horacio Salgán, Chango Spasiuk, José Ángel Trelles and in numerous orchestras.

He is a professor of double bass and music education graduated from the conservatory "Luis Gianneo de Mar Del Plata". Winner of a grant from the Antorchas Foundation to perform a Performance Residency at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, he has performed as a soloist with the Carnegie Mellon Contemporary Ensemble and the Mar del Plata Symphony Orchestra, making the world premiere of the concert for double bass and orchestra by Fermina Casanova. He has also performed as a soloist with the Orquesta del Tango of the City of Buenos Aires in an original version by Kicho de Astor Piazzolla.

As a teacher has taught workshops and masterclass Tango in Conservatoire Jacques Ibert (Paris, France), International Music Festival da EMAC - Goiania, V International Symposium of Musicology - Pirenópolis (Brazil), Zurich University of Arts, Musikschule Stadt Luzern (Switzerland) , San Francisco University, Curtis Institute (USA), CODARTS Rotterdam (Holland), among others.

Inevitable contemporary reference of his instrument, Navarro finally decided to debut as a leader in 2011. "Contratangos" has a clear concept from the beginning and from the subtitle of the CD: "New Duos for Tango Bass", which is fulfilled (with the exception of a single piece in double bass) and in which Navarro, moreover, did not fall into the temptation of the classics, of the reversals. "Contratangos" is made up of 13 original compositions (6 of the bassist, 7 of the guests) where the leader is accompanied basically by pianists although there is also room for guitar and bandoneón.

He currently accompanies the bandoneonist Néstor Marconi and is part of the quintet of Diego Schissi and Quintto Real.

In October 2018 he presented, together with his septet "Tangos de la posverdad", his recent record work of strong tango roots with notable influences of Jazz and Contemporary Music. A set of powerful and intimate compositions among which are confused postcards of a new sound from Buenos Aires.

In addition to the works of his authorship, Navarro included in this album own versions of classics of different periods: "they are musicians that I admired all my life, it is a small tribute to Carlos Gardel, Charly García and Claude Debussy, with an original look of the loudness of the group ", commented on that other music that will also be playing.

It should be noted that although the album was recorded in a sextet format, for its live performance, a new member has been included (in the percussion). Led by Juan Pablo Navarro in double bass and composition, musicians of outstanding international renown are currently completing the line-up: Nicolás Enrich on bandoneón, Bruno Cavallaro on violin, Sebastián Tozzolla on clarinet and bass clarinet, Esteban Falabella on guitar, Emiliano Greco on piano and Sergio Verdinelli on drums.




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