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  • Diagonal - EP - (2014)
  • Algo ahí no se ve - (2016)
  • Polandria - (2018)



Members featured in the album

  • Polandria - (2018)


NINA PARDAL - Vocals and piano

SAMANTA CASARRAMONA -  Drums and percussion

EMMANUEL TOMASELLI -  Bass and piano

GUIDO GROMADZYN - Violin, viola and electric guitar

IGNACIO GOYA – Electric guitar, bass, clarinet, alto sax, viola and synths




They are formed in the twilight of 2012 in a Buenos Aires corridor, driven by the desire to compose and play their own music. With the varied influences of each and the curiosity for different instruments, they began with fusions between different genres, always in song format.

Polandria started as a musical quartet, taking elements of Latin American and academic music, improvisation and other things. The project culminated in something called "chamber pop" ("chamber pop"). In their Twitter account (polandria_m) they define themselves as "makers of polyrhythms and songs".

After the semi-classical EP "Diagonal" (2014), Polandria released its first LP, recorded this year at Casa Frida Estudio: "Something there that can’t be seen".

Mariano Cuello was in charge of recording and mastering this material between September and December 2015, assisted by Santiago Gonella and Julián Waisbrot. The band was in charge of composing, arranging and producing all the songs on the plate.

They participated in this first LP as guest musicians: Raquel Antruejo on trombone, Shirly Pinsky on trumpet and Luciano Dyzenchauz on bansuri. The disc was published for free download.

In the middle of the year 2018, Polandria arrives to publish its first CD in physical format that bears the same name as the band.




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