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SUBTERRA Discography Sombras de invierno (2001) Members featured in the album Sombras de invierno (2001) CLAUDIO MOMBERG - Keyboards CLAUDIO PERICH - Drums LEONARDO BASSO - Guitars MAXIMILIANO SÁNCHEZ - Vocals and chorus ANDRÉS SAAVEDRA - Bass GONZALO SÁNCHEZ - Guitars The origin of SubTerra goes back to the spring of 1996, when the band first appeared in pubs and discotheques of Santiago de Chile, playing the music of Marillion, mainly from the Fish Era. At the beginning, SubTerra had a varied and unstable line up, with a constant change of musicians. Two years after their line up, the band finally settled down in terms of their members, polishing their quality and creating new musical style where the Classic Progressive Rock Drama of the eighties stood out. Those first compositions marked the beginning of a musical focus always present in SubTerra until today: symphonic sound, intense and very dramatic, accompanied by incredible vocals, characterized by a strong existential content, always that close contact with the music. Besides, the emotional charge of their sound, SubTerra adds, in their live performances, a especial attention to the scenery so that the show was complete both musically, as well as visually. For that reason, in the performances of the band, the histrionism of the vocalist together with the clothing and the make up which captured the audience, with the music of the band. SubTerra has played during the last three years in many places in Town and in the provinces (including three cycles of Progressive Rock organized by ARPROACH), with audiences that surpassed the 100. All this turned SubTerra in one of the two groups who supported in Chile the English musicians Marin Orford (IQ and Jadis) and Gary Chandler (Jadis) in November of 1998, the prolonged the second performance in Chile of the legendary English band Pendragon in December 1999 and they also supported a successful concert, the first visit to Chile of the great British band Arena, when they were touring to promote their album, "Immortal?" In December 2000, the group played at the successful festival "Vanguardia 2000" organized by Radio Futuro, where they played, together with other Chilean bands (Akineton Retard, Entrance and Ábrete Gandul), before more than 500 people at the Teatro Providencia. Recently Subterra, went beyond their country and played at Festival Baja Prog 2001, which is held every year in the city of Mexicali, Mexico, on February 28 and March 1, amusing the public and amazing the specialized critics. At the beginning of March 2001 SubTerra released their first album "Sombras de Invierno", which has 9 great songs which combine Old Progressive with modern sound and Progressive Metal. The present line up of SubTerra is Max Sánchez voice, Leo Basso and Gonzalo Sánchez in guitars, Claudio Momberg in keyboards, Andrés Saavedra in bass and Pablo Perich in drums. Information: