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  • Árbola - (2012)
  • Mudar - (2016)



Members in the album

  • Árbola - (2012)


MELINA MOGUILEVSKY - Vocals and composition

NICOLÁS OSPINA - Piano and vocals

EZEQUIEL DUTIL - Double bass

MARIO GUSSO -  Percussion


Members in the album

  • Mudar - (2016)


TOMÁS FARES - Piano and chorus


EZEQUIEL DUTIL - Double bass

MARTÍN RUR - Claron, clarinet, soprano sax, whistle and chorus

MARIO GUSSO - Drums and percussion

MELINA MOGUILEVSKY - Vocals and composition


Guest musicians:




IRENE CADARIO - Violin and viola


JAVIER MARECO - Glockenspiel




Singer and composer born in Buenos Aires. She started studying music at the age of 6 with different teachers and art institutes and from a very young age took singing classes (Lucia Maranca, Grace Cosceri, Gisela Barok, etc.), combining academic music with popular music.

He also studied piano (Marcelo Katz, Ernesto Jodos, Lucas Nikotián, among others), percussion (Alejandro Oliva, Mario Gusso) and composition (Edgardo Cardozo). At the same time he developed other arts: he entered dance, theater, and from a very young age he had a great inclination towards literature, writing poetry, some essays, short stories, and then lyrics. During the last year of high school, he entered the School of Contemporary Music of Buenos Aires (Berklee International Network), from which he graduated in 2007 with the title of Professional Musician with specialization in Canto. There he ventured into the study of jazz, improvisation, ensembles practices and also in Latin American rhythms, Argentine folklore and composition. He studied singing technique with harmonics with Nicolás Ospina; attended Master Classes and took private lessons with Jeffrey Skouson (U.S.A.), Speech Level Singing instructor. He traveled later to study to Brazil, where he made two consecutive summers the Music Office of Curitiba; there he studied Improvisation with the flute player and composer Lea Freire, percussion with Gilson Silveira, corporal percussion with Fernando Barba (Barbatuques Group), and sang in an instrumental ensemble directed by André Marques (pianist of Hermeto Pascoal). He dedicated himself to the study of his voice as an instrument and began to penetrate even more into instrumental music, expanding the timeline research and seeking extended techniques, which would enrich his palette of colors as a singer and even to compose and arrange his songs.

He participated as a singer and arranger in: A Beatle Lit (vocal trio, original arrangments on Beatles music), Indigo (Jazz Quartet), Ensamble Desarmadero (improvisation ensemble directed by signs, with the direction of Marcelo Moguilevsky, in a formation of eleven musicians), Tata Bambú (trio of Latin American and Argentine popular music), Ensemble Karenautas, (composed of fourteen musicians, with arrangements and original compositions); Ñu (group dedicated to the music of Hermeto Pascoal and other composers of universal music); Trio de Voces (dedicated to the free improvisation next to the singers Barbara Togander and Florence Otero), among others.

He currently leads the project that bears his name where he sings songs of his own, and is part of the Quaderno Vivo group (making music by Mati Mormandi).

As for discography, In 1993, at the age of seven, he recorded a CD of music for boys, for the School of Art "Labyrinth" with his father, Marcelo Moguilevsky. In 2011 he recorded his first CD called "Árbola" (released in 2012), with a repertoire based almost entirely on his own compositions with his group, at Casa Frida Estudio. In this disc she worked like singer, it touched the piano, was producer and made the arrangements and the musical direction, along with Nicholas Ospina. In 2011 also recorded the first CD of the Karenautas ensemble, called "Recreo", in Estudios Fort Music, published in 2012.

He also recorded advertising jingles (L'oréal, Sancor, Coca Cola, etc), as a session and guest in albums of different groups and soloists (Camalotes, ChauCoco !, Florencia Otero, Orchestra A Saidera, Daniela Horovitz, Beautiful Trash, Carlos Villalba, Icalma, etc) and for several Argentine films ("Rancho Aparte" by Edi Flehner - on a work by Julio Chávez - “La cámara oscura” by María Victoria Menis, among others), with music by César Lerner, Marcelo Moguilevsky, The Blood of the Cock "(of the Dawidson brothers, with music by Cirilo Fernández, etc). In 2013 he made and recorded music for a Toyota commercial in Japan, hired by the Japanese advertising company Mr. Music.

For more than ten years he has dedicated himself intensely to the teaching of vocal technique (with mixed techniques) both in a particular way and to groups of varied ages. She also teaches audio perception and improvisation and teaches "Voice as an instrument" clinics in different parts of the country and abroad. He worked and worked as a vocal coach for different groups and soloists, attending recordings of records and performing vocal training and arrangements for them (Mompox, Los Gongs, Garúa Finito, etc). He also works vocally training actors in particular and for companies. He was in charge of the Vocal Direction of “Princesa Cenicienta– el musical-”(by Alicia Zanca) in the Astral Theater.

From December 2013 to December 2015 was part of the project "La Asombrosa Banda de Zamba"of the Channel Paka Paka (Ministry of Education of the Nation) as a singer and keyboardist, a show that was presented throughout the country. He also recorded some songs for chapters of the series El asombroso mundo de Zamba" that emits the Channel Paka Paka, as well as other songs of the channel.

In January of 2014 sang of invited of André Marques (pianist of Hermeto Pascoal) in his tour to Argentina.

In January of 2015 she was selected to play with her project, Melina Moguilevsky Group, at the 9th International Jazz Street Meeting in Mercedes, Uruguay (January 2015), where she also gave a Clinic on "The voice as an instrument". In March of 2015 she was invited to play at the 18 th Jazz Festival of Santa Fe, Argentina, with her group, where she gave a concert at the Auditorium of the National University of the Coast and gave a Masterclass on "Voice as an instrument "in the Provincial Cultural Center. In March of 2015 also was summoned to play with its group in the Municipal Theater of San Juan. And the 20th in the same month was called to sing in the concert of "Bronca Buenos Aires", work for recitante, soloists, choir and orchestra of the bassist Jorge López Ruiz, directed by Pablo López Ruiz, that appeared for the first time in the Argentina, in the Belgrano Auditorium. In addition, in 2016 he is called together with other artists (such as Lucio Mantel, Rosal, among others) by the musician Darío Jalfin to participate in "Octubre García", cycle of concerts of whole disks in homage to Charly García in the Cultural Center Kirchner. In early 2017 she was hired again to make the music of another commercial in Japan of the brand "Clinica". Also, in April 2017, Melina is summoned to be part of the cycle “Chicas Superpoderosas” in Usina del Arte.

She is currently presenting his second solo album, "Mudar" (recorded between June and July of 2016 at Fort Music and at Ideo Music) with songs of his own and with a new group formed by Tomás Fares (piano and vocals), Lucio Balduini (guitar), Martín Rur (winds), Ezequiel Dutil (double bass) and Mario Gusso (drums / percussion). The album also includes the participation of Irene Cadario, Lucas Argomedo, Javier Mareco, Gabriel Sainz and Manuel Calvo as guest musicians. "Mudar" was selected by the Disco Club for its November 2016 Catalog.




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