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  • Soy Buenos Aires - Pedro Orillas - (1970)
  • De vuelta a Salta - (1972)
  • Bandoneón tierra adentro -  (1973)
  • Bandoneón tierra adentro Vol.2 - (1975)
  • Dedicatoria - (1977)
  • Bermejo - (1980)
  • Kultrum - (1982)
  • Vivencias - (1984)
  • Vivencias II - (1987)
  • Once upon a time - Far away in the south - (1985)
  • Volver, con Enrico Rava - (1986)
  • Andina - (1988)
  • One night in 88 - (1988) {with Charlie Mariano y Wolfgang Dauner}
  • Live in concert - (1990)
  • Pas de trois - (1990)
  • Mojotoro - (1991)
  • Live at the Deutsche Theater, 1984 - (1991)
  • Ríos - (1995) {with Anthony Cox and David Friedman}
  • Cité de la musique - (1996)
  • Kultrum: Music for bandoneón and string quartet - (1998) {with Rosamunde Quartett}
  • Ajó - (2000) {with Enzo Favata}
  • Senderos - (2002) {with Jon Christensen}
  • Responsorium - (2003)
  • Juan Condori - (2005)
  • Ojos negros - (2006) {with Anja Lechner}
  • El encuentro - (2009)
  • Navidad de Los Andes - (2011) {with Anja Lechner and Félix Saluzzi}
  • El valle de la infancia - (2014)
  • Imágenes - piano solo - (2015) {interpreted by Horacio Lavandera}



Members featured in the album

  • Dedicatoria - (1977)


DINO SALUZZI - Bandoneón, percussion, wind effects and vocals

SANTIAGO GIACOBBE - Electric piano and Fender Rodhes

MARIANO TITO - Electric bass

LITTO NEBBIA - Synthesizers Farfisa & Roland

NÉSTOR ASTARITA - Drums and percussion





He was born on 20th May 1935 in Camposanto, Salta. Composer and bandoneon player. At the age of seven, he was initiated into music by his father, the folklorist Cayetano Saluzzi.

He has developed a language of his own which is stylistically anchored in the northwest of Argentina. It softens the frontiers between popular music and the so-called 'cult' music, between composition and improvisation, and between Folk, Jazz and Tango.

His work includes music as a soloist, chamber music, and orchestra. When he arrived in Buenos Aires in the mid-50s, he joined the Regular Orchestra of Radio El Mundo. He has worked with Alfredo Gobbi, Roberto Caló, Enrique Francini and 'Gato' Barbieri, among others. His first recordings were made at RCA.

His international success as composer and performer came by the hand of Manfred Eicher, founder of the renowned German recording company ECM, whose artists (Arvo Pärt, Valentyn Sylvestrov, Tigran Mansurian and others) marked the artistic avant-garde of the 20th century music. He has been recording with Eicher since 1982. He has recorded with Charlie Haden, Marc Johnson, Tomasz Stanko, Anja Lechner, Jon Christensen, Palle Mikkelborn and others.

In 1991 he started recording with his family band (Celso, Félix, Matías and José María Saluzzi), whose last published work is “El valle de la infancia” (2014). He has been taking part in international festival circuits and his performance has been acclaimed in the most famous theatres in the world. Films by Jean-Luc Godard, Pedro Almodóvar and others have included his music. Documentaries about him have been made in North America and Europe. His latest work is “Imágenes” (2015) for piano.




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