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  • Silencio marginal - Memorias del Rock Argentino - (2014)
  • Almas de diamante - Memorias del Rock Argentino II - (2017)



Eduardo Casali / Lautaro Castro / Maximiliano Ceci                                                           

Eduardo Casali, Lautaro Castro and Maximiliano Ceci are journalists from the city of La Plata who a few years ago embarked on the adventure of studying the history of Argentine Rock through the encounter with the protagonists. In 2014 they published “Silencio Marginal - Memorias del Rock Argentino” in which they developed the foundation stage.

Two years later, they decided to face a new challenge: to explore a decade marked by fire by strong dictatorships and in which the opening of new musical horizons deployed a wide variety of bands within the local scene. This path traveled for two long years gave birth to “Almas de Diamante Memorias del Rock Argentino II”.




  • Almas de diamante - Memorias del Rock Argentino II - (2017)


After the edition of “Silencio Marginal: memorias del Rock Argentino” (2014, Editorial Punto de Encuentro), Lautaro Castro, Maximiliano Ceci and Eduardo Casali intend to go beyond the foundational stage of the local Rock and investigate a period of strong experimentation during the 70's and early 80's.

Under the independent PragaEdiciones, the authors have just released “Almas de Diamante”, a work that develops a time when pioneering musicians faced different projects and new artists were positioned on the scene. The prologue is by Sergio Marchi, an expert on the subject.

José Luis Fernández (La máquina de hacer pájaros), Eduardo Frezza (El Reloj), Osvaldo Favrot (Espíritu), Pomo Lorenzo (Invisible), Juan del Barrio (M.I.A.), Gustavo Moretto (Alas), David Lebón (Seru Giran), Vitico (Riff) and Gustavo Bazterrica (Los abuelos de la nada), were the voices chosen to portray, through a sincere and experiential testimony, a period of musical flourishing marked by Symphonic Rock, Jazz Rock, Pop Rock and Hard Rock.

Sometime, Luis Alberto Spinetta said: "There are antecedents in other letters, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix, in which it is said that even though the world apparently is destroyed, the light of peace and man internally continue to shine. That is the message: no matter how much the sun goes dark, we are a diamond soul".




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