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  • Muerte en la catedral  - (1974)
  • 10 años después  - (1979)
  • Una mirada - Reflexiones & anécdotas de vida  - (2004)
  • Mi banda sonora - La vida es un encuentro - (2017)



Litto Nebbia

Litto Nebbia was born in the city of Rosario in 1948.

During his long career as a composer and performer of popular music he has created nearly a thousand songs - many of which have become classics - but he has also made arrangements for chamber orchestra and symphonic band, and soundtracks for movies and plays.

He toured the world and recorded hundreds of albums, as a soloist, guest, producer or arranger for other artists.

He founded and directs the independent label Melopea, and has won national and international awards.




  • Mi banda sonora - La vida es un encuentro - (2017)


Passionate and often controversial, Litto Nebbia tells everything.

Fifty years of "La balsa", the pioneer of the Argentine Rock has been the first to have no prejudice with musical genres, crossing Rock with Jazz, Brazilian Popular Music, Folklore, Bolero, and encouraging adventures never before crossed.

As unclassifiable as its author, “Mi banda sonora” threads, like a soundtrack, the scenes of his own life history, those of his albums and songs, his friends, his favorite films and composers, his tours and his personal opinions.

Some of the most famous songs that have marked the history of Argentine Rock, go through these pages: "El rey lloró", "Viento, dile a la lluvia", "Rosemary", "El otro cambio, los que se fueron", "Nueva zamba para mi tierra", "Quien quiera oír que oiga" and "Sólo se trata de vivir".

And with them, thousands of memories, dreams and passions turn this book into a work that is projected into the future.




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