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  • Allá a lo lejos puedes escuchar  - (2015)



Carolina Mercedes Calcagno

Carolina Mercedes Calcagno was born in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1976. She graduated from the UBA as a social communicator. He held various courses and seminars in writing and film. He won the third prize in photography with the work "Renacer" in the contest organized by Prestige Hotels of the Word by Keytel of Barcelona, Spain.

Investigated on the life and work of José Alberto Iglesias, pioneer singer of the Argentine Rock. And in 2015 publishes " Tanguito...allá a los lejos puedes escuchar ", with the publishing Nuevos Tiempos. He currently writes for the newspaper "La Tercera", the youth newspaper "Yo soy La Morsa" and the online portal "Buenos Aires Eye".




  • Allá a lo lejos puedes escuchar  - (2015)


This book reconstructs the life and work of José Alberto Iglesias, better known as Tanguito. Parents, friends and relatives tell us who was this mystical character and attractive to some, and detested or forgotten by others.

He was part of the band The Dukes and later he was released as a soloist. Along with her guitar, which she called Carlota, she composed many songs. Many of them were lost in anonymity. He participated in festivals and recitals of the time, even was on television and one of his songs was musical curtain of an emblematic mark of fabrics. He recorded for RCA Victor and the independent record label Mandioca, the mother of the boys.

The other side of the events, recorded in this investigation initiated in April 2008, are the successive police arrests and the testimony obtained through the complete clinical history of the Borda Hospital, which for the first time is published for each reader to have the Possibility of drawing their own conclusions about this Tanguito, which as a society we owe so much.




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