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  • Gramonautas - (EP) - (2013)
  • Vivo en Tecnópolis - (2013)
  • Vivo en Revoluzion - (2014)
  • Avignon - (2016)



Members featured in the album

  • Avignon - (2016)


LEONARDO NICASTRI - Guitar and vocals

JOSÉ FARÍAS - Bass and vocals

LUCAS ANGELUCCI - Keyboards and vocals





Musical project formed in the middle of 2011 in Capital Federal. That same year they produce a demo that they broadcast through radios independent of the zone.

From the first show, in October, they participated in a large number of live performances, in various venues and events, in Buenos Aires and Gran Buenos Aires

For 2012 Gramonautas proposes the search for a distinctive sound that consolidates throughout the year thanks to constant rehearsals and recitals.

A year later, they started the recording process of their first album that comes to light in September, produced by them, along with the release of their first video "Nameless".

"Gramonautas" was the first homonymous EP of the Buenosairean quartet that was recorded in Crazy Diamond between the months of February and May of 2013. The mixture and the mastering were in charge of Sebastián Medina.

From March 2014 they began to be part of the weekly cycle "Rockelin" (festival of the emergent culture, in "The Emergent Bar") like stable band and collaborators of the cycle.

In August 2014 they record a live show on video ("Vivo en Revoluzion"), with online distribution. In May of 2015 leaves official video clip "El origen de los tiempos".

A year later they released their first album: "Avignon" which was self-managed and produced independently. It was recorded during January and February of 2016 and it was mixed and masterized with Maxi Forestieri to the head in Studies Crazy Diamond and Orange Sound.

The 10 songs of "Avignon", the first full length of Gramonautas, were published for full listening on YouTube.




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