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  • Pingo tecleteo - (1987) Poetry
  • Retórica incierta - (2008) Poetry
  • Los elementos de la desgracia - (2010) Poetry
  • Spinetta: Anhelo de una lírica - Una exploración temática - (2017)



Daniel González Oronó

Teacher of literature in public and private establishments. E.M.BA (Quilmes) Coordinator of Literary Workshops. Dictator Workshops of reading and poetic reflection on Spinetta.

Selected in several poetic anthologies.

He made the lyric in argentine Folklore albums: “Razón de identidad”, ·“Como abrojito de amor”  - with the participation of R. Navarro (son) and Quique Pesoa.

Winner with unpublished theme (Cosquín 1985).

Special mention in the first prize Astor Piazzolla (Mar del Plata 1994).

"La inundada" - southern cantata - Declared of cultural interest (Dolores 1995) Special mention - historical commitment (Province of Buenos Aires 1995)

Author of songs for children with Elsa Bornemann.

As a plastic artist he has participated in multiple expositions obtaining diverse distinctions.

Produces graphic art for the record Viajero Inmóvil Records label (Litto Nebbia - Canturbe - Antihéroe - Hyacintus, Uqbar, etc.)




  • Spinetta: Anhelo de una lírica - Una exploración temática - (2017)


The lyrical density of Spinetta for his songbook has made him to be considered  “The poet” of the Rock. Is he the poet of Rock? These pages pierce that idea boldly.

The book provides a framework for reflection, analysis and understanding for those who have enjoyed this intensity, or for those who question it, are about to be introduced or discovered.

His exhibition exemplifies the interconnection of his songbook revealing itself as an organic whole.

An adventure of thought about the letters that bequeathed us the original author.

Essential meditative testimony about his unshakeable longing for a letter.




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