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  • Tanguito y La Cueva - (1991)
  • Enciclopedia Rock Nacional 30 Años. De la A a la Z - (1996) Director
  • Sin tiempo, sin memoria - (2007) Poemas
  • Yo no estoy aquí - Rock, periodismo, ecología y otros naufragios (1966-2016)  - (2016)



Pipo Lernoud (Buenos Aires, 1946). Poet, journalist and composer. Ideologist of the Argentine Rock, between 1966 and 1969 wrote some emblematic songs next to Miguel Abuelo, Moris and Tanguito. In 1976 he founded and directed, with Jorge Pistocchi, the magazine Expreso Imaginario and, at the beginning of the eighties, he did the same with Canta Rock. He organized the exhibition and Enciclopedia Rock Nacional 30 años and, by 2003, co-founded and co-directed the magazine La Mano. In 2006 he published his anthology of poems Without Time, without memory and, since then, he returned to compose with musicians like Ariel Minimal, Pablo Dacal, Los Pakidermos, Esquizodelia and Claudio Kleiman. Since the return of democracy, he devoted much of his time to organic farming: with his Ranchos farm, with his family business El Rincón Orgánico or as vice president of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).




  • Yo no estoy aquí - Rock, periodismo, ecología y otros naufragios (1966-2016)  - (2016)


The one that initialed, in songs like “Ayer nomás” -converted in classic in the voice of Moris- and those first manifestos distributed in Plaza Francia, the hard nucleus of the counterculture in its creole version. It's not little. But that title is by no means negligible, is only part of the story. From the countryside, the city or its many periplos as an impenitent traveler, Lernoud founded emblematic magazines such as Expreso Imaginario, Canta Rock and La Mano, was one of the Argentine pioneers of organic agriculture and traveled dozens of stages to recite his own poetic work. Through his diaries, letters, poems, songs, notes and posts, I am not here reveals the avatars of the alternative culture, the social and political evolution from the sixties to the present.

One possible reading: this book tells the discovery of our true mother, planet Earth. First through Walt Whitman, who at age thirteen showed me that I am wrapped in 'the air that bathes the globe'. Then with the group of La Cueva, who gave me my true first education and convinced me that we all come from 'the land that gives you life'. Then with Robin Williamson - who made me hear 'the language in which the whole Earth sings' - and later with Gary Snyder, who made me TERRACE on the real planet of people, animals, plants and cultures, concrete and identifiable. Finally with Atahualpa Yupanqui, who showed me that we are all just 'land that walks'. As Buddha says, just a name and a form for less than a hundred years: then we return to earth to flow with the planet. -Pipo Lernoud




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